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    My server is up and missing a full week of progress. I try to back up from the most recent save labeled 26/6 and it's still back a week. Same with any save files from 25/6 or 24/6.... Do i really have to locally back up the server every day now?

    I dont know why my post got moved here... im using Steam, not Epic games

    So... I found my server.

    It showed under the server filter "Favorites" but not the filter "Survivors".

    I loaded up the server expecting my character to be missing. My character was still there. But the server was back in time by about 4 real time days. I'm going to try and load up the most recent backup from before the update. Hopefully we didn't lose a bunch of progress.

    Very messed up situation though. Disappointed on how this has been handled so far.


    Thats the code I pasted into my game.ini file, and it unlocks all possible engrams I could learn based on what level my character is.

    At first I had a similar problem as you though and it took me several hours to figure out where I was going wrong. What would happen is, I would turn off my server, when it was off, I made changes to the game.ini file and then started the server again. None of the changes I made would work.

    Turns out Nitrado takes about 15 minutes to save your server after you stop it. If you make any changes before the server files finish saving any changes you make will be overwritten and it will be like nothing ever happened.

    Try stopping your server and give it 15 minutes (or 30 just to be sure) and then make your changes and turn on your server.

    My server on another host updated, started and was recognized by ARK in about an hour.... I've been waiting on the Nitrado one for 5 hours, even though it says it's updated to the correct version and the server has started.

    Server just gave me a message that it is installing updates now so.... Hopefully everything will work smoothly soon.

    Same problem. Nitrado server and other server provider both not showing servers even though both say they are active. I'm going to try disabling events and see if that makes it show. EDIT: After disabling events I was able to see server via direct connection.. But it still failed to connect and gave me a network failure message: "Unable to query server info for invite."