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for some time now we have been creating and maintaining new ways to help game server admins with questions and problems as quickly as possible, e.g. our Guides section and the Nitrado Community Discord.

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    It gets real old when we are CONSTANTLY having to put i ticket for servers stuck in restart loops, just give us a button so we can all stop wasting time waiting for support to do something we are more than capable of doing. If it was an unusual occurrence it would be one thing but this happens all the time, its wastes my time, it wastes your time, work smarter not harder.

    Title says it all, made a couple changes (yes the server was stopped) hit save, save button remains greyed out and the new files are not being saved.

    Also getting this now while trying to access game.ini

    Oops... An error occurred

    If this is a temporary issue, please wait a few minutes and try it again. If the issue still exists, please contact our support team.

    Hostsystem not ready or offline, please try again later.

    Sadly with ARK this happens. If your server is up, try a recovery backup if you wish. The ARK devs typically suggest the same thing. Just note, all progress will be lost after that date on the recovery file.

    We can't even get into our server list, we have 2 Nitrado acounts with 25ish servers BOTH have been doing the "its quite empty in here. Get your very own server in the "ORDERS" Menu on top! Now normally if this happens we just sign out and back in and it fixes the issue but not this time, we can't pull up our list on either account. I'm confident we can do a rollback and fix it, but not if we can't even get our server list.

    It happened to ours as well, nothing a rollback can't even pull up a server list on Nitrado, its been "its quite empty in here" all morning

    I put in the coords for X and Y but left Z as default and it seems to work. Keep in mind you need to also convert the coords because the grid editor won't accept the coord it gives you to use. Same goes for powerstones and kraken, the coords the grid editor shows you in the top right are not the coords you need to input. To convert coords I've been using

    And I just realized this post was a month old .....

    It's one of those small things that make atlas a nightmare to work with, most coding uses : inplace of = but then SURPRISE you need a = instead of : occasionally. It's really unorganized and whoevers in charge of the setup files needs to address this, but then we've been waiting over a year for a ship weight code so don't expect anyone to earn their paycheck any time soon.

    Even sorting on nothing but name dosn't show the server on Xbox or PC. You are welcome to look for it. The web client says it is running with 0/10 players, but it cannot be found [US] Boom Boom.

    check the name of your server in the webinterface user.ini we had the same issue, servers showing that they were running but not showing up in the server list, what happened was our servers were renamed to some Nitrado default server name, so they were up and running but not under the name we had given them. This may or may not be useful to your situation.

    Who is responsible for the setup/ease of use of a dedicated servers ?

    What I mean is things like expert mode, game ini's, and all the stuff that comes with setting up a dedicated server.

    Is this something The developers setup and then hand over to Nitrado or is it something Nitrado sets up for their customer base to simplify a server setup.

    To be clear I'm not talking about individual server setups, I mean the over all interface and working codes.

    So we have 7 grids setup in a 3x3, the center grid (Central Maw) has been stuck in a restart loop since we launched today. I can stop the server and leave it stopped but if I start it it starts, then about 30 seconds to a minute later it restarts and continues to start and restart over and over. Any suggestions ?

    Ya 20-30 minutes is almost impossible, 200 maturation, 0.0118 imprint period will get you to most dino's imprinted (including turtles). Mature time for these settings is Turtle 6min 56 sec (1 imprint at 100%), Giga 1hour 24min 10sec (14 imprints at 7%), Rex 27min 46sec (4 imprints at 25%). You can go a bit lower but you're really starting to push it at this point. Imprint interval will be every 5min 39sec.

    These settings also dont give you much time to delay on an imprint, so if you get all walks you probably wont get 100%

    yes, I have the PassiveTameIntervalMultiplier=.2 in game.ini and user.ini becuase I wasnt sure where to put it, it won't hurt anything being in both, the other 3 all go in User.ini

    Those numbers I used are for insta tame 1 feed, you still might have to wait a minute for the initial food drain for the dino to eat but then its tamed on the first eat, you don't need kibble for this to work, regular meat or berries will result in a perfect tame (unless they get attacked of course)

    Also the level cap is irrelevant, I've used it on default level, max 200, and max 300 dino levels, it worked for all