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    Try to reinstall the server. It will take away all the progress you made (if you had any) and try everything again. You'll find the server in the list. Try changing the name, save it and restart. Search for the name in the list. That's the only thing you may change before trying to connect, once you've connected, you can start modifying the server as DOAGEN said.

    Which platform are you using, if I may ask? PC/Steam | XboxOne/PC | PS4 | Epic ?
    If you're using the XboxOne/Microsoft version, you must allow Crossplay if you're trying to play on PC.
    If you bought the wrong version, you must contact Nitrado Support.

    Oh, that's very sad. But it's fine.

    Someone asked for Creative Mode, but only in-game admins can use it by using the admin-log (or enablecheats), which I cannot give.

    What about that?

    I hope to get support from here, because I've been waiting two days for Nitrado Support to help me with my ticket.

    So I know the 'Player' settings have been removed from the webinterface, because of the reason that the userID of consoles may not be shared on this website for some weird reason. Everyone can just look up the ID when you go and search their profiles.

    Now, I ain't able to ban people, ain't able to get people whitelisted and I ain't able to give people the admin-role. Yes, I've been trying to use the 'enablecheat' thing to activate it with the password, it didn't work. Changing the password, saving and restarting the server, did not work either.

    Is there any other way to give players the admin-role or am I just flumberducked?

    Somebody is probably joining your game with the friendlist or just playerlist. When they do that, they don't need to type in the password. I know it's a lot of s*** to go through, just change the name of the server and change the password again, if it won't work after, I don't know what else you can do.

    Try to block them on whatever console you're on. (PS4/XboxOne/PC)

    The 'Player Settings' are currently broke on Nitrado for some weird reason.

    You can try adding a password to your server. They won't be able to join after.