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    So i had trouble logginng on to my server this morning, found out one of the mods was out of date, so i stopped the server to update it, then started it up again. When i tried to connect to the server in game, it took me to character creation, which is wrong because i already had a character on the server, and i have already done quite a number of things on there. Did updating the mods cause a server wipe?

    Every time i set up a restart task, it sets it for 12 pm and 12 am. My friend and I were on the server today, and i was streaming, when the automated tasks did a server restart, kicking up both off the server and causing issues for us. 12 pm is not a good time for server restart. I want to set it for 6 am and 10 pm, but i can't find anyway to set for those times exactly, and this is very annoying. Until i can get this resolved, i am gonna have to remove the automated tasks, cause i can't have the server being automatically restarted in the middle of a schedule session, but i want to get this working right.

    My apologies for making more than one thread, but no one is asking the questions i need answers for.

    I am interested in picking up a some DLC before i purchase the server. The question is that i can only afford a few pieces of dlc right now and am interested in adding more when there is a sale. So i would like to know 2 things about how DLC's work with a server.

    1. Does everyone who wishes to join the server need to own the same DLC? This is very important for me to figure out before i create the server because i don't want to find out that people can't join me because they lack the DLC.

    2. i would like to know if i do acquire more dlc later, if i will be able to use the new stuff on the server. This isn't as important as the first because the dlc i plan to get later on a just for more flavor and not that important if it can't be used, but it would still be nice to know. Of course if the first isn't possible, then this one is meaningless.

    Thank you for your previous help <3, and i do look forward to setting up my server which i plan to do this coming week. :D

    I am looking into getting a Conan Exiles server started, but i want to know before i take the plunge if i set my slots to like 6 or 8, can it be upgraded to a higher count if more people wish to join the server. The thing is right now there is only 2 people planned to be on the server. The reason why i want get a server is so that we can play without tethering and so that more friends can have the opportunity to join us. With this in mind, i don't want to pay for that many slots, but i am concerned that as time passes and more friends of mine show interest in joining the server, i would want to be able to upgrade the slots on the server (of course paying more for the extra slots).