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Dear forum members,
for some time now we have been creating and maintaining new ways to help game server admins with questions and problems as quickly as possible, e.g. our Guides section and the Nitrado Community Discord.

Therefore, we inform you that the Nitrado Forum will be closed on March 31, 2023. We are consolidating our community support to our Discord channel, which is faster and more efficient. We have also seen incredible growth in our community due to the hard work of our moderators and our bots. We are confident that this move will ensure that we provide the best support possible for our users.

Thank you to all members for your continued use of the forum!

Assistance with all questions concerning your Nitrado service can now be found in these spots:
Community Discord:
Guides section:
Support Wizard:

    Приобрел долгожданную возможность играть без людей на своем сервера и в итоге получил абсолютно нечего, разве что возможность лицезреть по началу запущенный сервер и отсутствие возможности зайти на него, а после после обновления в 140кб перезагрузку сервака длиною в жизнь )

    В целом давным давно я ушел из игры из за того, что игра была кривая

    Не чего не изменилось, держат планку

    OK guys my problem is gone. I have changed place where server is and that helped me. IM NOW PLAYING on my own server.

    My server was located in germany and i have changed it to a England and it works.

    New server installation took about 5 min.

    Hello everyone, how to change the server location?