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    Has the DinoDropInventoryComponent code changed for Ragnarok? My loot override code for the Rag bosses used to work but no longer does. I have the same code for my Island server except for the amount dropped, and it works for Island but does not work for Rag. The codes are as such:





    I copy-pasted the code from a reddit post a while ago, and we tested it to make sure it worked, but now it no longer does, and I can find no info for why. My only thought is the dino inventory component code might have changed for the Rag bosses. Also, my Megapithecus code for Island does not work when used in my Val server code either. I copy-pasted my Megapithecus code from Island to Val. It works on Island but doesn't work on Val. Any help?


    I want to make a change to the element system in Ark using game.ini crafting cost overrides. I know how to do these overrides and know the recipe I want to use, but when I put the code into effect, will the new recipes be applied to existing crafting stations?

    For example, if I do the override for soap so that 1 element = 1 soap in a cooking pot, and then an override so that 1 soap = 1 element in a tek rep, will that be automatically applied to existing crafting stations already placed, or will players need to place down new stations for the new recipes to take effect?

    I'm worried players might be able to exploit the overrides if the old crafting recipes would still be in effect for existing stations- mass produce soap by old recipe in an existing cooking pot and then mass produce element in a newly placed tek rep for example. Is there anything I can do to mitigate exploits?

    Is it possible to destroy existing crafting stations without destroying all structures? Maybe through an engram disablement?

    Please help. I really want to make element transferable from Island to Rag in my servers.


    Quick and (hopefully) easy question regarding Active Event settings for Xbox Unofficial servers. My server is set to 10x tame in Expert Mode GameUserSettings file. When I activated the Summer Bash (4x tame), my tame numbers from a test matched 14x tame using dododex. I lowered my number to 6x tame thinking the 4x tame added to my server setting, but now my tame numbers match dododex for 6x tame. Can someone help me understand how Ark Official Events settings mix with my Expert Mode Settings? Does my GameUserSettings tame multiplier override the Event number? Does the Event Number add to me setting? Do the two numbers do something else? Please help. Thank you!

    Date & Time: 26 JUN 20. 1645 EST

    Hello Again,

    I came across a possible major issue because of what is happening in Ark right now. I tried searching the Forum with no success for this particular problem.

    Before I start, I know:

    1) Xbox server saves cannot be controlled by players.

    2) Microsoft has restricted access to the actual files, and there is no way around that.

    3) The map saves can occur at random intervals (I do not know why though).

    4) I can only *use* the backups files; I cannot create, access, or edit them.

    5) The servers create their own backups.

    So here's my issue. I have 4 servers in my Cluster. All 4 servers have map saves going back to 21 JUN 20 at shortly before midnight UTC+2 (1150-1157 for all 4). All map saves before this time are gone for all 4 servers. Yesterday, I had one map save going back to 20 JUN 20. It seems the old map saves are dropping daily.

    On 25 JUN, I could rollback to any time of 21 JUN.

    On 26 JUN, I can rollback to any time of 22 JUN.

    Ark's data corruption happened on 25 JUN. If this timeframe continues:

    On 29 JUN, I will be able to rollback to any time of 25 JUN.

    On 30 JUN, I will be able to rollback to any time of 26 JUN, but this will be after the data corruption from the update. So I need to do a map save rollback no later than Monday evening. This could be a problem is console servers are not fixed by Monday, so I scrolled down to my Server Backups, and this is the scary part. My servers are not creating server backups or database backups.

    My 4 servers are on Isl, Rag, Val, and a rotating event server. The last server and database backups are as follow:

    Isl- 19 Jun

    Rag-18 Jun

    Val- 18 Jun

    Event- 21 Jun

    Once my map saves drop off, I won't have any backups until the dates above. The servers were creating the backups every 1-2 days until they suddenly stopped doing it. Does anyone know why they are not creating backups anymore? I'm in a position where on Monday I have no choice but to do a rollback to before the Summer Bash event because I won't have any other files to rollback to. Also, will the server saves continue to drop off even if shutdown the servers? I would be willing to shut them down until the Ark issues are fixed if that would stop the deletion of old save files?

    Thank You in advance for any help!!!

    The update came with new versions to the servers along with notification of the updates occurring. Thank you for your time and help! I'll review the link you shared. I'm still new to this, so all information is beneficial for me.

    I completely agree. I started my Cluster to save a Community on a closing cluster, so I have a BUNCH of people playing on my servers. I've been keeping people updated as much as I can, but I am still learning a lot. Thanks again!


    I'm still relatively new to managing a server through Nitrado, and Ark's current major issue is the first one I've been around for. Once all the fixes are made, and Wildcard pushes out the updates, will my Nitrado servers update to new versions again, or will this just be a fix for the current version?

    For example: the servers are now running version 800.13 after the update for the Summer Bash. Once Ark makes all the fixes, and Microsoft does it's part, will the Nitrado servers have to do an update as well? Will they change to a new version number? How will I know it's safe to do the rollback?

    I'm all set to do rollbacks to before the data corruption, but I don't know what to look for on when it will be safe to do the rollback in Nitrado. If I do my rollbacks too soon, I'll just end up corrupting data further back in my saves.

    Thank you in advance for any help!!!

    Thank you for that info! I've spent hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Can you explain why the server saves are so random in intervals? My saves range from 2 mins apart to 6 hours apart. Is there anyway to know when the server is going to do a save?


    I'm having issues with my Ark Xbox servers in my cluster not saving or autosaving even though they are coded as such in the GameUserSettings.ini in Expert Mode:



    My server backups are not saved 15 minutes apart. They are random and sometimes have gaps of 2.5 to 7 hours without saves. Also, the Admin cheat "cheat saveworld" does not create a forced save within my save folder. Attached is a picture of my current save folder from Ragnarok. I can successfully do rollbacks to a selected save folder, but I want to have reliable saves before I make code changes, so I don't need to rollback several hours to the last save. Please help, and thank you in advance!