@daogen spoke with support, they seem to be aware of this issue, however no ETA or really any other info , will support contact the customer with resolution? I've never had an issue with nitrado servers before. Or had to create a ticket. I'm just wondering how I would know my issue has been resolved or worked on , aside from checking on my server every so often for however long the process takes.

    DOAGEN yes I have created a support ticket with nitrado, which has not been picked up yet, created yesterday, I'm waiting for standard buisness hours to maybe get in contact with support, this is an unfortunate turn of events which I feel can be handled fairly simply, but turn around time on this seems fleeting. Will wait for support and see.

    have you checked to see if the nitrado server version is an older version? I.e. needs to be updated? I am have the same problem I think and I suspect this is the issue

    I have rebooted the server quite a few times and re installed twice today and still shows the old build. I believe this is the reason it is not joinable. It shows that it is running , I can see it via steam. But not within the game itself, but I dont have the ability to update it myself through nitrado . Is this not a function user's can access?

    does anyone know if there is a way to manually update miscreated servers? its running an old build but there is no option to force an update , I have been un able to join for 3 or 4 days now. I suspect this is the issue but am not sure if it is possible