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    I had my server being hosted in the New York data center, I used the web gui to move it to the Los Angeles data center. I quickly deleted my New York instance(doesn't happen for a few days), was able to reuse my User Identifier/Game server registration key on the new instance(have to do this fairly quickly). And my new server came up fine with an updated version, and no game/player data lost. As I believe all the actual game data is being stored on DC's servers and not Nitrado's.

    I would have been happier with a 5 hour turn around, but myself and most others are seeing 12+ hours for a simple click of a restart button on their end. If the restart button only worked on our end, then there prob won't be as many complaints......

    I wonder how long it's gonna take today for them to restart servers for them to be playable again. I think we should be getting credited back money for the hours that our servers are unplayable.

    I stayed with the 10 and did not go lower as it did give a warning. But why should I keep losing money against the account when the server is unplayable? Seems pretty unfair......

    DOAGEN I'll gladly bump back up to my 22 slot, which I originally had before if that means the server will work. However nothing has worked. Original 22 slot, 20 slot, 10 slot, start, stop, restart, reinstall, etc.

    When I first created my last oasis server on the 26th. I couldn't even get it started on my own, I had to put in a ticket for a LVL 2 support person to start/restart my instance.

    This morning a patch released. I attempted to restart my server(failed). I attempted to stop my server(failed). I attempted to used scheduled jobs to stop/start/restart(failed). I attempted to downsize my server(failed). I attempted to reinstall my server(failed). I put in a trouble ticket about 8 hours ago(no response). I called their helpdesk line several times, finally got through on one of them, after waiting 40ish mins to get a chance to talk to somebody they hung up.

    I guess this is the normal for Nitrado? Pretty unhappy so far..........