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    If you have Arma 2 only you will not be able to join any server, because that game used gamespy to show servers. The game is simply singleplayer.

    Can be used in conjunction with Arma 2 OA to obtain Arma 2 Combined Operations.

    The problem my server has is that by increasing the number of slots from 12 to 16, only 11 players can enter the server.

    In the server file, sfg states that the maximum number of players is 16.

    In the control panel it says correctly server I publish 16 slots, but in players it says 0/11.

    I have reviewed all the configurations and I have changed my mission and I could not find a solution.

    In advance I would appreciate any help.

    I have seen in other providers that the most popular mods are to be put on the server as an option. You don't have to manually upload the mods one by one. And in others, the mods can be uploaded directly from the workshop.

    It would be great if nitrado updates a bit and puts these options on its servers.

    I chose wasteland because there is no option for my server. My server runs with mods.

    For a few months now I have been having the problem that the battleye made some players of my server clan. The players have followed several tutorials on the web, but they have not been able to solve the problem. The problem is the server, since in other servers they are not ejected by the battleye. It only happens on our server and only with some players. Others do not report the problem. I don't know what the solution would be since in the server configurations I don't find that I should change or modify to give a solution to these people.

    Since the last update my server does not work as it should. I have already sent a support ticket and the only answer I have had is that they are waiting for the solution. The server works with verifysignatures = 0. I tried to load a mission by modifying the server.cfg and I did not succeed. I can only load the liberation mission that is by default.

    Is there a solution to this or should we keep waiting?

    I have a small clan, which has been unemployed for two weeks because of this problem.