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    Yes I totally agree, this company clearly does not value its customers at all. I had the same experience and now I am waiting for over 16 hours after my server went down and isnt allowing anyone to connect to it, this company hasn't even bothered to READ my request yet and I have had tickets closed saying "We dont see a problem, please reopen the ticket if it persists" Are you kidding me?

    It would be a fantastic joke, if it were even slightly funny.

    I can't believe Nitrado hasn't even responded to you greenman9

    Still hasn't even looked at the ticket I put in...I have been hosting video games on private servers for over 5 years, and this is easily the worst experience I have ever had. I will be writing the game devs with these links and my support ticket to show them why hosting with this company isn't the best direction for their game.

    Any host provider that ignores support isn't worth its weight in beans in my opinion.

    As I stated in my OP I put in a ticket before I posted on this forum. I still have yet to even see that someone has READ my support request that was made over 16 hours ago for a server being completely down and inoperable.

    Tickets should be prioritized for issues regarding a LACK of SERVICE?

    here is a C+P of the ticket, which still has not been even viewed by support:

    By: You, Today, 03:47 am

    1. The server crashed with everyone playing and now everyone is getting
    2. "incompatible unique net id" when we try to load into the world. We get to the
    3. lobby without a problem but can not get further in. I have restarted the
    4. server and switched maps, it shows it online and hosting but no one is able to
    5. log into the server itself. Please help asap!
    6. Here is a screenshot of the above message:

    So about an hour ago my server dropped all its connections even though it said it was active hosting and online. We all then tried to get back in and regardless of restarting our pc's, the server or even switching maps, everyone gets the following error message "incompatible unique net id" I have put in a service request as the limited number of tools does not let me diagnose the issue out.

    Please sound off if this is happening to you or if you had this issue and solved it.. let me know and thanks!