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    Thanks for the update! Really all we want to know is that it's being worked on and not just being ignored.

    Actually, I did get a warning for my post even though everything I said was 100% true about what I have experienced with Nitrado and their server updates.

    LOL This is very much normal. Every time the game patches its days before they update the servers. Last time when I was playing on experimental, it was 3 days before they updated my server and this was just a couple weeks ago. Nitrado and updating servers are a hot mess, every. single. time.

    3 DAYS!!!!????? They should make a note on their sales page about this! Did I miss any fine print? When it's about taking money it's right away, but when it comes to giving the service... problems, issues, excuses... I wish I could do this too when it comes to paying.

    Will we get 3 free days extension then? And everyone is OK with this?

    I'm very much not OK with it and theres no way they'd ever refund money or extend server access. You're just kind of stuck, thats how they are. The good thing about Nitrado is stability at least, it just takes a long time for them to get their act together.

    No, when I talked to the Skype Support I did ask him if this was normal, and how the updates go usually. He said the servers update automatically when there are updates and this is not normal.

    I'm looking for other providers, I just found another host has Empyrion too.

    LOL This is very much normal. Every time the game patches its days before they update the servers. Last time when I was playing on experimental, it was 3 days before they updated my server and this was just a couple weeks ago. Nitrado and updating servers are a hot mess, every. single. time.

    So you had asked in another thread, same topic?

    Each thread is treated as a new thread.

    I'm not looking for support for my problem in this thread (this is Suggestions, wishes, feedback on Nitrado, correct?) I'm giving FEEDBACK to Nitrado's service overall, as this is the SECOND time this problem has happened and I can't so much as get answers except for "have I tried turning it on and off again" - and the fact that Rondeau04 asked the question again shows how much attention is being paid to the matter.

    The service could be greatly improved if we could get information other than the standard FAQ which states it should be resolved in a few hours if not submit a ticket. As it is I'm paying money for a service I'm not receiving.

    I'm waiting on the 12.5 Experimental Empyrion patch which was released yesterday. This is the second time the game has patched leaving our server down for over 24 now waiting. I have more than 2 days of downtime for a service I'm paying for - and the problem isn't that the server files haven't been released because other servers for 12.5 are up and running.

    I'm not sure how Nitrado updates, but this is unacceptable. There isn't even so much as a notice or planned time that the patch will be implemented for Nitrado servers. Some feedback would be nice!

    I have also been waiting for the server to be patched. The server has been useless for the past 4 hours, to bad cause I wanted to play.

    Hopefully it goes better than last time, it was over 24 hours because Eleon released another patch and they had to catch up to that one.

    backup your settings, mine got wiped with the last update.

    Good idea, I always take this time to mess with my modding configuration in ftp anyway so... I'll grab our files.

    Once again we're in the waiting line. Any answer would be appreciated from Nitrado as to the best state to leave the server in, running or just stopped, for it to patch once 12.5 server is available. Also any ETA for the downtime would be appreciated.

    Well at least Nitrado has added something as an explanation on the server page:

    Alpha 12 information:

    Currently the update is not yet available for Dedicated Servers, the developers have announced on the official site that there are still issues that need to be resolved before the update is released.

    What host is that Edge? I'd be happy to jump ship as well if i could work out how to grab my save data from this server. Any idea how?

    You can pull your files from ftp, I recommend Filezilla. I can help you set it up and get your files if you want, send me a PM - it'd be easier to talk through discord or something. I think though they finally added the ability to download files from your server controls page, so it's a bit unnecessary but I always prefer an ftp program.

    I did a live chat early this morning and according to the rep they do indeed need to wait for the server files from the dev.

    If that's the case how are any other servers running the current version? The files to run a dedicated server have been loaded on everyone's machine - but there's little I can do to change Nitrado without uploading the entire folder (gigs of data). I tried uploading what appeared to have changed but I couldn't get the version number to change so I could connect.

    Completely reinstalling the server will still give you the old version - Nitrado just hasn't taken the time to update, for whatever reason. If that's someone pushing a button to give approval or configuring something on their end, who knows? We're all in the dark.

    Very disappointed, 7 meg patch shouldn't take that long to get out to everyone. At the least Nitrado should give an announcement if the patch is released for the servers or not, and the approximate time to download.

    As it is now, I have no idea if I need to have the server running or down or what. Not like we can connect to it anyway. At this point we're all paying for something we can't even use while other hosting sites allow you to manually apply the patch.

    Any updates to this for anyone? Right now we are wanting to play but thanks to Steam auto-updating everyone is just waiting.

    Does it help to have the server running or stopped for the update to happen?