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    i have 5 maps on my list

    1. Blooming Haven (Hard)

    2. Scorching Country (Medium)

    3. Forsaken Plateau (Medium)

    4. Nomads Cradle (Easy)

    5. Asteroid Crater (Hard)

    problem is i can not remove or delete or replace any of these maps. Ever sense the (NEW) hard map was added with the roads and 100HQ materials ect... which i cant access because i cant replace any of these maps.

    any word or update on when we will be able to do this????

    an update on when we will be able to have more then one oasis up at once would be nice?

    preferably ( Mode - Three Oasis ) atleast

    im fairly sure you are loosing customers simply because of this.

    as it stands we have to deactivate maps and activate others. This has several detrimental affects.

    1 - Quality has to start over. (main one)

    2 - some players miss out on chances to get iron.

    3 - disrupts players game experiance

    4 - some resources are only available on other maps.

    5 - Very hard to keep players on our servers because when we are not on and a player needs something from another map to progress and cant get it.

    if you are having trouble getting into HQ materials try this trick

    1 - collect 1HQ wood and 1HQ fiber (can be done with reg axe)

    2 - make a 1HQ beatstick with these materials

    3 - use the 1HQ beatstick on HQ stumps or HQ fallen logs and you can get up to 20HQ wood.

    4 - use the 20HQ wood with any regular fiber and rupu vines and it will make a around a 6HQ woodworking station.

    5 - welcome to HQ materials without needing HQ rupu vine

    my hard map so far.

    tons of Q wood (basicaly a given)

    2 large patches of 80HQ cattails

    couple large patches of 80HQ corn

    a patch of 8 80HQ cotton

    couple of patches of 80HQ fiber

    1 solitary 80HQ Redwood sitting on a hill

    decent amount of 80HQ stone

    1 single solitary 80HQ bone

    2 large patches of 80HQ ash (safe from the crabs)

    but so far 0 HQ clay patches

    are HQ clay patches missing from these private servers?

    ive gone around to just about every clay patch on my server and all of them are 0 quality. i made sure to check several spots on each patch

    im useing a 59HQ extractor loaded with 80HQ ash. only seeing the base 46HQ clay every time