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open positions @ Nitrado

    Server was installed and I'm posting about not being able to run it. What is happening here?

    Go away, stop trying so hard. You did not read my OP. I doubt I will come back to nitrado.

    Why can't I find where to submit a support ticket?

    I found it.. I'll wait for that but I'm paying for 30 days I best be getting it. Don't waste my money on a pre order I would of gladly waited longer for.

    No one here can tell you why. These are community forums with moderators. I got mine within 72 hours, but that's off-topic. Dare I say mine don't work?

    I waited three hours for it to boot up the first time and connect to the myrealm. Then it went down and I have been waiting 2 hours for it to restart.

    Why are they releasing a pre-order that clearly is not ready? That's the real question.

    Still stuck in restart

    Where is that kind of support? Two days later we get "moderators" telling us they have no access. Clearly someone here does. Stop my 30 days or fix my service.

    They installed my pre-order today after only a couple days since order. That sounded great and all but will it ever go online? I finally got it to connect to the and got it setup. It seemed to be online for a couple minutes then went offline. Now it's stuck trying to start back up in nitrado web interface while myrea says no game server available for hosting?

    I was fine waiting for a pre-order and would like to not have these issues while my time is being eat up. And "open a support ticket" sends me to FAQ... So here I am?