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    have to log into last oasis my realm every morning so the server will play the map, problem is i have to leave the last oasis my realm open in the browser if exit out of the browser i get signed out of last oasis my realm and when i try to play the game it tells me i need to be logged in so i have to leave the browser running on the last oasis my realm so i stay logged in, anyone else with this problem ?

    server finally started again and now all 4 of my walkers are back in the lobby full of loot and crafting stations, so how do i get more than one walker at a time back onto the map.

    after you hit the button for server restart and it goes back to being off line just hit the browser refresh and it will be on, then go to you server and click the gear icon below web interface and click it, it will take you to you last oasis - my realm. the map you have as active may be yellow saying it has no connection or something, hit the blue edit key and then cancle the map will check to see and turn green and say it is hosting. that's what i did and it's working.

    server is up and running, had to change server locations to New York. Miami location has no hardware and now is grayed out you can close the thread the issue is resolved, thank you Doagen and JBooker and anyone else i forgot to mention for your help.

    steam told Nitrado at 10:00 a.m. EDT today to open sales to everyone no more waiting for servers.

    and it is a ghost town, still no email saying my server is ready and still no server too play on ;(;(;(

    Preorder definition is - to order (something) in advance : to request to purchase (something) before it is available for sale

    well you already have the servers and you already have the server files for the game and you have already sold many pre order servers so calling it a pre order still is out of context

    so how is the pecking order of server pre orders handled, first come first served, or do you randomly pick people no matter when they pre ordered or how long they have been waiting on there pre order server to be ready

    well it's been going on 24 hr since i pre ordered my server and have not gotten an email saying it's ready, yet several people i contacted say after they got there pre order server they got there email saying it's ready for them. so what gives. ;(;(;(