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    The real question is why 2 easy and 2 medium maps... Thats just silly. Even if your hard map had a fab, you get no iron... To fix the issue create a new steam account, buy LO again, link server to new LO account, regen tiles, create 1 hard and 1 crater and save your other tiles incase they wver decide to release some cool new content.

    Got a response almost exactly 24 hours later, "Unfortunately we cannot detect any further difficulties on our side. We will forward it to our technical department and get in contact with the developers accordingly..." I feel like this is another automated response mostly because nothing has changed. Also why don't they try to join the server because no one else can out the the 5 people i've had try. The stats say no one has ever been in it so i know they haven't tried. At this point i've requested a refund. I'm not going to pay for a customer service that sends me a generic response every 24 hours that just tells me that they see nothing wrong and if i have any further questions feel free to ask. I'll go play on one of the other hundreds of servers that people CAN connect to. I'll save my money

    Still can't get any responses to my requests either, if you haven't signed up with Nitrado yet, steer clear.


    I have rented a 64 person server and I am experiencing terrible lag & performance even when there are as few as 2 - 5 people on. The server is supposed to be NA-East near Florida and we have guys in Florida playing and they are experiencing terrible lag. A couple of questions for other customers:

    1) How many slots & how much ram does your server have? I'm running a 64 slot server and they only provided me with 4 gigs of ram. The server is consuming about 3.8 gigs.

    2) What does your CPU usage sit at? I am hitting 55 - 60% CPU usage with 1 - 7 people online.

    I am starting to think that Nitrado is selling a single hosting package and just increasing the slot count but not the available resources. I have to say, one of the worst companies in the game hosting business I have ever come across and I would never choose to do business here if there were any alternative.

    If one server is banned, it seems that other servers are banned.
    I am experiencing the same phenomenon.

    Up for a test? Mark yourself banned on your own server, then unban yourself, see if that clears it..

    I just tried that and it does not clear the ban. I can confirm that if you are banned on a single private server, you will be banned on all. I played on a few of them prior to my server going up and either someone banned a bunch of accounts including mine today on their private server or there is a wider bug because I can't get into my server or any server I had an existing character on. Public servers still work fine. What a disaster.

    Edit: This is bizzaro land, after posting this I tried my server again and got in. Who knows if that will last once I disconnect but something odd is going on.


    Once my server updated to version 1.2.29838 (29838) I now get this message every time I try to login to my private server.

    "The account is permanently banned. - Message:"

    I do not get a ban message when I join the public servers so this is clearly something specific with the private servers. Is anyone else experiencing this? I went to the player tab on the dashboard and double checked, I'm not showing as banned, made sure the ban check box was unchecked and did an update on the player record and that didn't fix anything.

    My server is up and running and seems everything is setup properly but when the loading screen say loading map ..... it drops and says lost connection to host. Anyone have same issue and got a fix?

    I'm experiencing the same issue. I tried contacting support but their phones just auto drop the call.


    I have noticed that a lot of people seem to have servers up. I'm still in pre-order status and I was wondering what the general eta / processing times seem to be between ordering and actually getting access to servers? Is it days? Weeks? Months? Is there even server capacity at this point or are we pre-ordered and waiting for other customers to cancel or drop their subscriptions before more orders can be processed and deployed? Any transparency on what to expect would be greatly appreciated.