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    i did get 2 iron.. when i pick up a module i get 2 of them as well. i was just wondering if an iron drop from the first large village was lucky or a coding error.

    the saw blade was giving lvl 162 wood the other day..:)

    when they said they added iron and wiped all the previous iron was that just to the new maps or did they bump up the drop rate for the existing drop rolls ? in the roll out. i have no idea its just me musing while i cant play :)

    i have a hard map loaded i left everything vanilla but changed loot to X2 to speed up the grind slightly.

    im not to sure if adjusting this affects the roll chance from drops as well as the amount but the first large village i cleared gave me 2 iron.. i am going to have to have a play about with he settings but it might ok getting iron just off the hard maps with higher loot multipliers.

    i had seen the drop as 1-1000 posted on steam. i wonder if a X2 drop reduces that to 1-500 ??


    is anyone else getting this error message when trying to login to the community servers.

    GetObjectFromNetGUID:Network checksum mismatch. FullNetGUIDpath: [247]/Game/mist/logic/game/OasisGameState.[245]Default_OasisGameState_C, a load of numbers

    i am not very good with networks or servers. is this a problem on DC'S side. everything seems to be running fine on Nitrados end. looks like a problem with linking to the server on their end ??