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    Well it has happened to me as much "Experimental" as "Alpha",
    i dont know if it ever happened on the server that you are playing alone and after a while of a few minutes it does not let you look at anything, it does not take loot, not even riding a motorcycle,none vehicle ?(
    it could be from the graph????:rolleyes: My graph: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660
    someone has happened to him??????:/
    Thanks in advance:thumbup:

    This happened to us , we just had to re upload the serverconfig.xml file. server surprise updated on experimental to same version yesterday.

    its true,when i saw everything i was very happy, to celebrate i had a whiskey :D

    Steam updated client to 178 yesterday, nitrado is still on 177. client not compatible. We tried both re-install and switch game to load latest version but its not kicking over as of last night. Support does not open for another 2 hours. Should be resolved when Nitrado pushes out new version.

    Im the same,we have to wait for the loved ones of NITRADO to do it X/;(

    I appreciate a world for your help and example:love:, I am not always editing .xml files and it drives me crazy trying to learn these codes for the server:rolleyes:, thank you very much with all my heart<3

    PD:you have eliminate many headaches because people on my server already wanted to play 7DTD:D

    Thank you very much, now the problem that being "experimental" does not allow me to edit the serveradmin.xml, I edit it but then it returns to its normal state, I downloaded the filezila and the notepad ++, tried many things to have privileges in case there is any type bug on the server and nothing, the command is admin add "nick" "value", admin add Suar 0 <example

    Obviusly i have put my ID64 from this page home - STEAMID I/O

    If you could help me, I would really appreciate it, anyway thanks for answering me, regards