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    У кого нить решилась проблема ? Я все так же жду чуда

    Who has the thread solved the problem? I'm still waiting for a miracle

    Mine was solved by restarting server. That got it stuck at restart for 20 min, a popup came saying it was stuck and to force start or force stop server. I hit force start and it worked after 5-10 min of waiting.

    Guys.... first of all, if your server is stuck in "restarting" when prompted "force Start" it. This has worked both times I was stuck restarting. Side note, The wonky stuff going on is hardly the server management people or problem. This is entirely Donkey Crew working Kinks out.... you all notice how we had 5 days access BEFORE the community server patch was released.... soooo I would say calm your Teets. Cheers!