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    Just spoke with representatives at Nitrado. The issue is a patch for the private servers the Official servers are fine but there is apparently a separate build for Private Servers that is having an issue. The Lost time on your servers if you can wait will be reimbursed, the question then becomes how much time do you have to wait? I also asked about the Nodes and how to have multiple nodes in your server so you do not manually have to leave the server log into the dashboard and change the node then re-enter the game and go to that node which I am glad to say will be looked at as a future feature along with several options for server owners to help admin your server. These are not set in stone but things being discussed. The first order of business for them is to get the servers working properly and by all accounts they are trying. I explained the frustration of many server owners and they are absolutely sympathetic to our plight but as I have been told multiple times now they have no access to the dashboard that controls the servers since it is connected to our steam accounts which are private. I have no idea how they will fix that issue. So as of right now the solution is to restart your server and cross your fingers. I will give them some time before I choose to cancel the service but if this extends much longer I will be asking for a full refund .

    Nitrado from my understanding runs the official Oasis servers also so they are aware of the issues. Nitrado and Last oasis are not actually seperate when it comes to this issue. These roll outs can be difficult for all parties involved but it is never the customers fault when issues like this arise and as such all customers need to be reimbursed for lost time in a game they are paying for. I do not see this game growing if these types of issues persist they have actually lost customers after the initial release and the roll out of private servers is going to lose them more if they do not get this under control new game or not don't roll it out if people are going to be paying for this and not see a refund .

    Doagen all documentation should have been given to the server company by The devs prior to saying it was ok to get the money from customers and then start a count down for a service they are not and cannot use. That is just plain lunacy to say otherwise. I wouldn't charge you for services rendered if they are not rendered. The service is a last oasis server with the ability to play on that server. If I sent you a blank letter with the header Electric Company your service is on and started charging you and you went home and your service was still off would you pay for it.

    I think the issues are related to this patch server was fine yesterday today cannot connect getting an error when I talk with them i will post on it. I am waiting on the phone now to speak with them.

    My server is up but it is getting an Error For NetGUID Object request which is something other server owners have experienced some say it is fixed with a patch but my server is not fixed and this is getting out of hand with this server and Game. I am goign to attempt to contact someone see what is happening.

    I am reading the forums went to login into my server and bam I get the error message everyone else is getting some say it is fixed but not my server after yesterdays fiasco I am seriously considering cancelling the service. I don't want to I enjoyed the game for a day but if this is the norm then in the state the game is now I cannot play.

    Ok here it is at least for today. the problem persists Nitrado looked at the files and everything is set up right on our end but something else is happening so they advanced the support ticket and will get back to me after they figure out what is happening. If anyone has a server running through Nitrado now that can help those of us having an issue please contact me on discord at Discord and let me know what you may have done to get your server up and running .

    yeah last oasis had a very rough start fixed one issue only to create another one they really have to get this worked out. I will be calling Nitrado again soon if this doesn't start up.

    Yeah I am stuck in the perpetual restarting part once again and cannot for the life of me understand how other servers are showing but mine is not. I read that it takes sometime but, I literally was restarting for well over 2 hours earlier and hope this is not indicative of how this is going to be. I own a Rust server through another game server company and have never had any issues like this. I do not understand where the issue would be if it s a back end issue that is coming from Last Oasis themselves then they have to be aware of it. If they are aware then write to Nitrado and let them know what is happening so they can tell their customers. We are all paying for this service now and time is ticking down yet we are unable to access our servers. If this is the norm for this game I will request a cancellation and refund of my money until this issue is fixed.

    It still says starting what he suggested is to reinstall it which I am currently in the process of doing and then once again do the key generation from steam and rename server but I assume if the problem is not fixed the minute the server says up and then I rename and restart I will have the exact same issue.

    Okay spoke with a representative at Nitrado and the server is running so the issue is not on their side it is a back end issue and they actually do not know what is going on. Hopefully the people over at Last oasis can fix this issue because Nitrado has no idea why the servers are not restarting or showing up for some. I know this doesn't help you guys who are experiencing this issue that I am having but Nitrado is aware and are trying to see why this is happening but I reiterate again according to them the servers on their end are running so the problem is else where.

    I Pre-Purchased the Last Oasis Server which as I found out was having issues to begin with then I looked online to see if they were up and running and through chance found a post that Private Servers were indeed up. I then Logged into Nitrado to see if it was up and it said Installing searched the web because it was in the installing phase forever then it magically installed after which I went to the web interface and could not connect my steam account and then suddenly 20 minutes later was finally able to so i rename server then it says restarting at which time I have been stuck in this perpetual restarting phase for well over 20 minutes so i read some posts force stop then restart cause it appears this happens quite frequently and it is still stuck in restarting. I want to edit my server and actually play since I have not played the game but one day and then said I want a private server and have been waiting patiently for this to open.

    Ticket submitted but I am actually paying for this service now and do not wish to wait days for a response.