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    Same, i just create the highest qual furnace i can and just deal with qual 52 ceramic lol

    I contacted them via online chat and was advised to uninstall and reinstall the game. I did that. Still not starting up.

    Yeah i have had too many days of this, i can promise you, nothing you do on your end will fix the problem.

    wont be playing for awhile, and i wouldnt bother trying to contact nitrado, they simply could care less, it will all clear up in 5 - 8 hours.

    Related to nodes needing a nearby visit to get initialized, it seems like at least on the CanyonB map this needs to happen after any server restart, not just one initial time. On our hard map it had kind of seemed like the initial visit was good enough, but we also tended to drive all over it more, and a further complication is that we had changed our automated restart schedule when we swapped in the CanyonB map.

    But it is very much seeming to us that at least for CanyonB quality advancement needs to get reinitialized after every server restart (even 'minor' restarts when we got booted and it took a few minutes to get back ingame but no restart listing actually appeared in our restart logs).

    I do not suffer from this problem, however i drop a light foundation piece at each level 80+ resource (to mark it on map), these regen normally even if i do not log onto the server at all for 48 hours to let them grow (just me on server learning this stuff)

    Well i was in the middle of playing when my server kicked me again, i though it crashed again. Here they finally replied to my ticket after 2 days and 5 hour saying they moved my hardware. Didn't ask, just did it. I though ok finally i get to play without it crashing several times a day. Nope it won't start up at all just says restarting for 10 minutes then goes right back to stop. I hope i don't have to wait another 2 days before they do something again.

    You might, i have had this happen to me as well after a move, click on the reinstall button to bottom left in web interface, this will wipe your server configuration, and start the server, you then need to name your server and add your key back and click save, when u click save it will reboot server, might work.

    You do not lose any map or character data, even though it says it will all be wiped, the data is handled by donkey crew

    new York. It's based on the vm host. So even within a center some servers have more problems ( you can learn a lot from the support techs if you get them chatty )

    I got one of my servers fixed by nitrado, it now boots and runs (he moved hardware), it will boot but minutes later goes back to saying no game server for hosting


    No game server available for hosting

    No matter what i do, contacted support, they changed my hardware, still this error, been messing with this for over an hour this morning

    Stop, wait 2 minutes and start the server again. It should be updated. And then another 5-10 minutes of waiting on the side of myrealm, until everything comes back to normal.

    Yeah did that, then contacted support and they moved my server to new hardware and still problems


    No game server available for hosting

    No matter what i do, contacted support, they changed my hardware, still this error, been messing with this for over an hour this morning

    I just got a update again and cant join. i didn't see any info on twitter. Does that mean i got to wait another 6 hours to be able to get on my server again.

    Yes, and between you and me i am about done paying for service like this

    I still have a ticket in for this, i wouldn't hold your breath

    I have a Crater map in my list now. just wish it would connect to DC servers so I can get in

    Just created that map is named Asteroid Crater, so maybe, yes it has iron nodes no asteroid events so far, but nodes near middle of iron

    Sleeping Giants 2 is PROBABLY the new hard map, the one with a more Road like design that allows bigger walkers through.

    Canyon 11? That MIGHT be the iron map, I haven't heard that one. If anybody has gone to the iron map in official, the map name is in the upper right hand corner. I stopped playing official a while ago.

    Canyon 11 medium map has a poi fabricator spawn, or at least the one i made does, waiting for a bit i hope it does the asteroid event, but so far it has not

    I get annoyed, because i know for a fact if i stop paying the server will no longer work (annoyed because i know they coded this part and it works correctly), but they cannot get this to work right, and whats more, getting an update about what is going on is just as bad if not worse than the way donkey crew handled it, yes yes i know, people want to jump in and say dc must be responsible, but i do not pay DC for this server, i pay nitrado, i rent other game servers, i think this experience is going to make me look for other hosting options

    Changing multipliers does not require a reboot

    So I need to call them? Every link I click sends me to a FAQ or Knowledge base. Or here.

    It takes a long time to boot sometimes, if your web interface is saying the server is restarting then wait a bit, some have had to wait a hour or more for first boot

    I think I've found that you need to go near to the quality resources once to make start "growing". Perhaps the server randomises quality the first time someone goes close enough to make them render.

    If you are using more than one map, the quality doesn't go up while a map is offline, only when it is the active one. That includes if your server is actually off, or you are just set to another map.

    Yea that's the only way I can get the resources to go up in quality is if I'm standing near them. Ones I have marked across the map when I go back to them a few hours later (6-12) they are the same quality as when I found them. The ones I sit there and baby sit go up in quality. I'm on the same map. I tested it last night, found a group of level 30 trees, they were (30 65+). Logged out for the night logged back in today 11 hours later and they were still level 30.

    Did you try dropping something buildable next to them ? like a clan flag or a wood foundation ? i know this may sound silly, but i will try it later :D