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    CrossARK and CrossPlay are 2 different things. What you are inquiring is called CrossPlay.

    The ONLY a Win10 player can play ARK with friends on XBox is by using the Nitrado APP (when you purchased the PC server, a warning message did appear) and purchase an ARK XBox CrossPlay server from MS. You can not migrate from a PC server to an XBox server since the ARK Xbox is on MS.

    You may contact Nitrado Support and see if they would refund but note if you do receive a refund, it is refunded here in the web, and you would not be able to use for the MS Xbox version.


    Well that's real annoying, thanks for the information I guess I'll have to talk to the bois and see what they have to say.

    To make a long story short, I want to play ARK with my xbox friends without the proximity tether so I tried to buy a server on here without realizing that the Xbox/Windows version is for some reason not available on the actual website. I assumed the term "Cross-ark" was a cheeky way of saying cross-platform. My friend who also has access to this account attempted to fix it and somehow managed to buy a 7 days to die server, I have absolutely no idea how. I have since attempted to change the game to an ark windows server only to again find out that, for reasons I can only assume Microsoft has forced upon this site, you can't switch the game to the xbox version via the website. I attempted to go through the windows app only to find the server settings simply link to the website, the website that doesn't allow you to change the gameserver too microsoft games... a confusing conundrum.

    My question is this, is there a way for me to change the ARK pc gameserver to a windows 10 version? I just wanna play games with my dumb friends.