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    Hello all,

    I have attempted numerous times of making custom events (spawning in items/spawning in buildings) onto my server. I had them previously working in a different location but due to a coding error, I was forced to do a server wipe. Upon choosing a new location and doing the same event code set up, all my attempts have been unsuccessful. I have tried using different limits and coordinates for the events. I use Notepad ++ to write the code and then verify both the code portion as well as the entire code (when inserted) to ensure no errors are present. I even went to the lengths of deleting the file subfolder and uploading the same one with the new .xml file (same folder name of course) but yet no luck. I am determining if a server Stop/Start will fix this or perhaps rolling back to a previous date (I'm assuming the restore backup I need is the dayzps_mission) will fix this issue?

    Thank you in advance!