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    Since updating my Terraria server today to following the steps outlined by Nitrado, I have been having numerous connection issues. It seemed to be fine for maybe a couple of hours but now I can't play. Receiving Tile Data now takes much longer or stalls completely. When I get in to the game I can play for a few minutes maybe then I will stop picking up dropped items while mining/gathering and drop from the game with a "Connection Failed". In addition, my WinSCP is taking FOREVER to transfer files for backup.

    Steps I have tried to fix the issue:

    • Restarted the Server multiple times
    • Tried a new character
    • Verified my game file integrity in Steam
    • Tried a new World
    • Reinstalled the Server again and tried a default world.
    • General internet troubleshooting (I'm on Gigabit and everything else works well - I just Downloaded a 2GB game in 2 minutes)
    • Had other people try connecting as well

    Is anyone else having these issues? Is it Terraria, Nitrado, both? Does anyone have any other suggestions? It's really frustrating to hope to play this game all weekend and between delays and issues only getting a few good hours of gameplay.

    It's difficult to even tell which version the server is on aside from (Vanilla 1.4). I'm just restarting every 15 minutes or so. I hope it doesn't take a couple of hours like the 1.4 update did. I don't envy server rental sites on days like these but it would be helpful if Nitrado posted more information somewhere.