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    Same. Very poor roll out. This is my first experience with Nitado as a provider, and I am so far not very impressed. Granted this is a Pre-Release game and service from a small studio,but still.. IMNSHO don't provide a service you cannot support...

    No, have not been able to get it working. Support ticket told me to do what I had already done. But no help from Nitrado or Donkey, and now am on day 2 of 30 days and no access and no help

    Even when they are rolled out there are not usable. I was finally was able to get my "key" for the account bind, restarted the server no effect. But there is still no way to appropriately configure the server, nor does the server ever publish or show it as up on Steam or Last Oasis server lists.

    All the while my pre-payment for this service is loosing time/days of activity.

    Opened a ticket, no response for 24hrs...

    (edited for spelling and clarity)

    They are slowly being rolled out.

    Please continue to be patient. Thank you.