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    Once you get into the Realms Manager, you can create up to 5 Oasis. You pick exactly what map each Oasis gets. Then, you can activate the Oasis, which "Pushes" it to Nitrado. Then you can log into it. If you activate a different Oasis, it "Pushes" that one to Nitrado, and that becomes the One active.

    It LOOKS like the system would support multiple Oasis... but unless Nitrado fast-tracks my extra servers, I can't say for sure. From the look of it though, that key you put in tells the cluster manager what servers are in your cluster.

    You can't. Donkey Crew has disabled all character deletions, and according to them it will make the game unstable to allow it. They stated that they were going to allow you to rename your character and recreate your appearance, but that was something they said weeks ago and it's likely not been a priority. For the time being, he's stuck.

    Data persistence doesn't appear to be handled by Nitrado, they cannot help you. They just provide servers, but the backplane is wholly Donkey Crew.

    passwords are set on REALMS. You cannot make your realm until you have a server registered with the realms manager, that donkey crew manages.

    So until your server starts and phones home, you are stuck. Theres nothing nitrado can do if donkey crews realms manager doesn't respond.

    Of course, in the last oasis discord the devs are saying its entirely on nitrados side, and to contact them.

    sill cant figure out how to change settings under server config

    Cross posting, but - You don't. The servers function as nodes. ALL server config will be done through DC's interface. There's only 3 real options (xp scaling, foliage respawn, and loot scaling). You also pick what maps are on your oasis there.

    did you fill in the server description of leave it black

    the first time I started the server, it was blank, but it got stuck, so I filled it and tried again, and it worked. However, that's a laughably small sample set. However, no reason to leave it blank in my book

    poop. I had to do a hard reboot once on my server, but it came up after that, and then I could provision it into a realm on DC's interface. Sounds like you guys aren't gettin gthat far. The servers DO have to phone home to donkey crew... they're really just node terminals, Nitrado almost certainly has to treat them like black boxes based on what I've seen.

    My server has been behaving normally all morning. After putting the steam id in from and restarting the server, you then have to go BACK to and create a realm, then activate oasis onto your servers. The servers just function as worker nodes, you don't control them or configure them at all through Nitrado, it's all done through DC's interface