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    Either Last Oasis is using some system that's far different from any other Steam game's dedicated server software, or maybe it doesn't respond properly to console commands and Nitrado's web interface isn't playing nice with that, or Donkey Crew really has much more work to do to get it working right.

    It's absolutely different. Your server is just a node, Myrealm controls that node in its entirety. Pretty much all the server itself can do is start and stop. Donkey Crew's side handles data persistence, server management, etc.

    i have a hard map loaded i left everything vanilla but changed loot to X2 to speed up the grind slightly.

    im not to sure if adjusting this affects the roll chance from drops as well as the amount but the first large village i cleared gave me 2 iron.. i am going to have to have a play about with he settings but it might ok getting iron just off the hard maps with higher loot multipliers.

    i had seen the drop as 1-1000 posted on steam. i wonder if a X2 drop reduces that to 1-500 ??

    The way people were talking in the test branch, the multiplier increases how much you get when you get something, not the odds of getting any specific item. So "should" have gotten 1 iron and your multiplier makes it 2.

    You can check this by harvesting ruins for modules. I imagine you'll only enter get pairs with your settings

    I just got a response from the devs saying, "it is planned and most likely will be available in the next patch. Sorry for inconvenience"

    so hopefully we get it soon, and can clean our servers up.

    Glad to hear it! Now that the server team isn't dealing with official crashing every 5 minutes, hopefully we'll get some love. The balance changes they've said were the focus next week shouldnt involve the server team.

    I'm going to say yes as my profile reads "

    Last Oasis

    0.7 hrs on record"

    Shouldnt be this difficult.

    Community server list is a different set of servers from the main servers. Booting the main application connects you to the official realms, you gotta click on the "community servers" button to switch sets. You can play a hundred hours and not pull them up.

    100% agree that it shouldn't need that to generate your key though.

    Yeah, no luck here.

    I still either get the 403 error or it wants me to log in with steamID which I did.

    I have proof that in my steam account I own it or it wouldnt say "Last Oasis is already in your Steam library"

    But when I authenticate with it, the .gg site says "No Account A Last Oasis account is required, run the game client to create one. Try again" Then it is a constant loop.

    Have your explicitly pulled up the community server list?

    Also they just announced they're fixing "something"with private servers within an hour

    reading between the lines on what serr has posted on discord (a donkey crew developer)... the myrealms tool allows us to manually do things that the official server controller does automatically. For instance, it spawns maps, and burns them, automatically.

    The maps are semi random. We pick the base map. There are two base medium maps. The iron map is a base map (we don't have yet). We cannot control what spawns ON the base map (neither can donkey crew, serr had to spawn them during the test to give people fabricators actually).

    I theorize (pure conjecture) that within a few days, we will gain some ability to "burn" oasis within our realms. Why make a new process? When burned, we get the slot back.

    After that they just need to give us the new maps. So we spawn event tiles manually etc.

    Some time after that we get multi oasis and automatic control. The control tool has unchangeable settings for those. Also, the tool outright talks about servers (plural) so its clear they fully intend for us to have multiple eventually.

    For now, yeah. They haven't pushed the Latest set of maps to Private (the new "Roads" Hard, or the Iron Event Map). Given the fact that some people are out of slots, it's likely they'll need to give us map rotation first, but for now Private is capped at hard map progression

    One thing to add to this, earlier today I was on the Last Oasis official discord and reported to their CM That the interface was down. They actually responded, "did things," and asked me if it was fixed. Donkey Crew has also made statements where they have outright admitted that this game is not normal, please see here Dedicated Server Hosting | Last Oasis Official Forums where one of their devs states that private servers MUST tie into their back end.

    DC has chosen to retain control of the control plane and the data persistence. What I call the control plane is

    Additionally, DC was only comfortable allowing Oasis to "Burn" (be deleted") for the first time Yesterday. It's understandable that they want to let that process happen on official for a few days before they open up the ability for private servers to do it.

    So you just got an email saying your server was installed... now what?

    First off, two very important from what I experienced:

    This is being posted as to help others going through their initial setup.

    A) No other game, to my knowledge, does servers the way last Oasis does. It's NOT NORMAL

    B) Because of (A) There's actually very little Nitrado can do. They're almost as powerless as you. They're pretty much just providing you hardware, and upgrading the base config. They can't expose any settings because Donkey Crew didn't make the game so that they can

    So.. How to get things working (and where things can fall off along the way)

    1) Once you have a server, it will probably be stuck Starting or Restarting. This is because it doesn't have a Key to contact Donkey Crew's Management Plane. Where can you get the Key? go to

    2) If says you need a Last Oasis account to access the game, log into last oasis and pull up the community server list. This generates your key. If you don't visit the list, you won't have a key

    2a) If has a 403, that's Donkey Crew's problem. Bug them. It happened this morning but seems to be coming back up.

    3) copy the key listed on into the settings on Nitrado. Set a server description. Your server will then restart

    4) At this point, the server has to wait until Donkey Crew's management plane recognizes it. This can take a long time. I personally restart my server every 10 minutes or so but that may not help

    5) Once your server is truly Started and running... head back to You will manage literally NOTHING on Nitrado (see A)

    6) Create a Realm. A realm is a set of Oases.

    7) Set a password. Seriously, RIGHT NOW, set the password. If you don't set one, then anybody who logged into your server can get back in. Even if you don't plan to have one forever, have one for now.

    8 ) Create at least one Oasis. You can have up to 5. You CANNOT change them or remove them once created. Donkey Crew will need to give us that ability

    9) "Activate" one of your Oases. This pushes it to your Nitrado server, reflecting the map you have selected, and the settings you have set on myrealm

    10) Log in and play.

    11) At any time, you can activate another oasis. That becomes the current oasis, and everything in the lobby moves. Walkers not in the lobby MIGHT move, I haven't tested. However I do know that structures seem to stay behind.

    Want things like: Multiple Oases mode, ability to ban people, ability to change maps? Bug Donkey Crew. Nitrado has limited ability currently until more DEV time between the Partnership.

    yeah, the realms tool wasn't ipdated after the last push, and now appears down. Hopefully they're updating it.

    Donkey Crew chose this architecture of running all servers through their tools, and aren't updating. My nitrado server updated a while ago too, so just waiting on the donkeys again

    donkey crew pushed an update about... an hour ago. The realms manager requires that all servers, even private servers, be on the latest version. So privates are down until nitrado both receives and readies the updated server files. Hopefully this gets better over time and dc will release the server files at the start of patching

    Donkey Crew posted about a week ago that they're throttling things to make sure we don't blow out their back-end (triple meaning possibly intended!). They're worried that 1000 private servers might overload their database (you remember, the one that went down for almost a week twice recently...)