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    I've called the number provided, the skype, made a ticket, even contacted the through twitter. I have yet to get a response. The wiki just tell me to do the same garbage you've already told us in two different forums no less. All I want is my money back I haven't even gotten to use the damn server. Just bought it today and all I want to do is password protect it and change the name but that's too much for this system to handle. Maybe they should have made damn sure before switching to console that the rent-a-servers would work. Cause now all it looks like is they're stealing money. I've gotten no response in the last 12 hours since I bought it. To me that's poor customer service and theft. My roommate also had trouble with their system, I just wish XYZ had the dayz server option. I would have gone to them I trust them.

    I too am having the same issue. I changed the host name and it restarts and then just stays in a sort of restart limbo. I reinstalled the server and it started running almost immediately, however the name and password I put in were removed. I just bought the server and would like to play on it with my friends however if this persists I may not get my wishes. I would also like the solution to this issue.