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    but kinda worked that out last night. used the izurvie map found the coordinates for kabby and checked the spawns locations from the list and set the dmax / dmin to 0.

    just so they can be put back on at a later date if needed

    is there a way to turn off the zombie from spawning in certain locations like turning them off in just kabanino and keeping them everywhere else ?

    also is it possible to have the zombies stay off once you have cleared an area for a set time ?

    found a way to despawn all cars and trucks, restarted servers, and now they spawn in complete ... YouTube is a wonderful thing.

    reset the despawn timer of certain loot, and now that loot is spawning in pristine / worn

    just gotta sort out the spawn locations of food / tools and then i should be all set for fun...

    fun.. fun fun ... until nitrado take the server from me

    again YouTube is a wonderful thing.... also can i mention the people from YT whos videos helped me ??

    I'm on the 1.12/1.28 patch using all vanilla files except I've turned off the zombies / animals , I've also set the items to spawn in pristine/worn

    I've done a complete server reinstall now (3rd time not a charm)

    my problem is not only is hardly anything is spawning in pristine / worn all the food stuff is rarer than anything in.. is this a known issue or anyone know whats gone wrong

    i set the spawns so the trucks came in complete and with a gas can in the cargo hold.

    it looks like the one truck that was found may have been a leftover asset from before i modded the trucks.

    but using the izurvive map, where it's showing truck spawns : junkers are in those locations

    on each of the attachments the chance should be 1.0

    so you code

    <attachments chance="1.00">

    <item name="SparkPlug" chance="1.00" />

    should be

    <attachments chance="1.00">

    <item name="SparkPlug" chance="1.0" />

    just do this for the item chance only hope this helps

    is there a problem with the truck spawns , as i set up my server to spawn vehicles in complete... now im finding the crashed junkers (the trucks you cant repair to take stuff off) in locations where trucks should spawn and now have found a truck that should be complete with half the bits missing . im using the izurvive map to locate the trucks

    you need to edit the file


    you can change the co-ordinates to wherever you need. if necessary you can insert player spawn points for where cars spawn so you should spawn near a car

    player spawns are located in the file


    hope this helps

    have you tried renaming the backup file without the .xml ?

    that may cause an issue with the game, as whenever i make a backup of a master file i dont use the .xml

    this is a dumb question, but

    does despawn timer only work when somebody is in the world or is it persistent and how long does it take for something to despawn since the 1.09/1.22 patch

    i used an online validator for a master file (one that hadn't been modded), and that comes back with this error in theese two files


    error on line 772 at column 7: Double hyphen within comment: <!--


    error on line 225 at column 8: Double hyphen within comment: <!--

    before the 1.22 (1.09) patch the game worked fine if a little juddery ... and now i cant even get the zombies to spawn loot...

    how do i resolve this issue

    updated info

    found a car that needed a spark plug, another player also found a car that needed a spark plug they put a plug in their car and i checked my car again after putting something in the boot only to find that a plug had spawned in to my car also

    I'm in Zelenogorsk and they're in Chernogorsk.

    So just had a major problem today

    on a private server 2 players had an issue with the olga 24 wouldn't respond to controller inputs , and had to quit game via ps button, logged back in got a message to say 'connection to the host lost' . when finally logged back into the game the cars had despawned, loosing all the equipment in the car.

    this has happened this evening, is this a new problem ?

    his is a screen shot of what happened just before I had to quit the game and relog

    (apologies about the screen shot had to take with my phone)

    yup … got it working now ..

    used the default xtml files and all is cushty in the world of DayZ .. cars spawning with lootable bits new tents showing up, although I've not seen a fabled frying pan yet

    thank you for the assistance