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    Hi everyone, I'm playing on PC on the Steam version of Alpha 17.4 (b4)

    I've been trying to find just "clay" for awhile. I have thousands of clay soil but I can't use that in the forge. I was able to use the clay soil to create the forge but not to make any of the Forged items like Forged Iron. The recipe shows simply "clay" for these. Am I missing something obvious here?

    Do you took clay in the forge? You have to melt scrapiron and clay in the forge for creating forged iron or steel. and you have to add a crucible.

    I simply took the scripts of the mods and added them into the files on my server. For example if there is an items.xml file in the Mod-Folder, i took the script-part that is necessary and added it to the belonging line. Therefor the xpath=... says where to add the text.

    It's a little mistake.



    <user steamID="(NEVER ENTER YOUR ON STEAMID PUBLIC" permission_level="0" />


    !!!Above you see the red marked word. In your script it was admin instead of user. That was the mistake.!!!

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    There is a setting in the serverconfig.xml where you can set how large the multiplicator is for XP. The line is called:

    <property name="XPMultiplier" value="100"/>

    Stock it is 100. If you set it to 1000 you gain XPx10 ...

    Hope that was the function you were looking for.

    The other way is only config every action and every other possiblities to earn XP.

    Would be giant task. But if you wanna do that look in recipes.xml and progression.xml for the lines.

    But do a Backup before working on it. Then look for "exp" entries with notpad.

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    Look in the serverconfig.xml for the following line:

    <property name="ServerVisibility" value="1"/>

    The value says if: 0 = public , 1 = friends only , 2 = invisible

    If it's set to 1 or 2 connect over IP.

    The line above is set "visible to friends". Check if this value is 1 or 2. If it is, set it to 0 and it should be visible to all by the serverlist.

    This is an issue many people have. I had that problem till I setup automatic tasks. Its an error because of a wrong filesystem the server has been installed. Call the support and ask for changing the filesystem. After that happened it takes roundabout 15min till the server is running. There are no backups necessary. After changing the filesystem my problem has been solved.

    And sorry for my bad english skills ;(

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    In the following I try to explain it. Sorry for mistakes in my english skills!

    1. Look for the SteamID64Hex of the person you wanna add to the admins.

    2.Open the folling path of your server by any FTP-Program: "7DTD Server\Backup\7daystodie\Saves"

    3.Download and open the file named "serveradmin.xml" best way with Notepad++

    4.Look for the line:



    <user steamID=" (HERE YOU'VE TO ENTER THE STEAMID64HEX) " permission_level="0" />


    5.Save the file and upload it in the path written above.

    6.Restart the server and enjoy!!

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