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    My Ark server has been running relatively smooth since i got it a month ago. However, it has been offline since yesterday. Nitrado says the server is up, and i can even connect through the server dashboard, but battlemetrics says that the server is offline and my friends are unable to join the server. All of my friends and I are using the Steam version of Ark. I have restarted my server, but nothing seems to work. On the dashboard i can see the map, and amount of players to the left so it is supposed to be online.

    Hey, i just got a new server for Ark: Survival Evolved.

    Whenever i try to direct connect, Steam says that the sever is not responding. I have tried putting it in manually on the Steam server list, and I already put +1 on the port. I watched video's where the map, version, and amount of players was on the side, but that is not on my dashboard.

    I have tried reinstalling, and I can't find anything on Battlemetrics either.