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    I understand you are a moderator. I sent a ticket in hours ago.

    I am sick and tired of Nitrado crashing and offering no reimbursement for these issues. On top of this connectivity issue today, Monday I added Scorched Earth to my cluster. When I bought it and changed to expert mode, the GameUserSettings and Game.ini file "Could Not be Retrieved/Found" and the server cant even run. So, this week Nitrado has sold me a broken server (Filed a ticket 3 days ago) AND now I cant even access ANY Nitrado server?? Some business, and they won't even give anyone updates?? :S:thumbdown:

    Also, my servers are based in Miami, FL.


    I run a 5 map cluster, all with a caps of 20. My Ragnarok server has been regularly hitting nearly 20, and to prevent people from having their character stuck on a full map, I need to upgrade my slots to 32. Using the Nitrado App on Xbox, I click on Upgrade/Downgrade Server for Rag, and it only gives me an option for downgrading to 10 slots, same for all my other maps. Is there somewhere else I need to go, or what?

    Thank you