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    I got it working. Restarting server didn't work, so i stopped server for a bit then started server and it fixed my problem. still don't know why it happen in the first place.

    When i try to join my oasis it says offline and on myrealm it says no gameserver available, but yet it shows on my dashboard that the server is up and running. So what is going on?

    Lost oasis really has no admins yet. All control of server is done by server owner and that info to log in. So for nitrado you would just need the user and password. The problem is the last oasis web interface needs the owner of server steam name and password to be able to log in. So the only way right now for more then one person to log into the lost oasis web interface and make any changes is the owner would have to give you his steam account user name and password which is a big risk of having that account stolen, messed up,etc. Most people wont do that unless you know them really well and really trust then.

    I haven't played in a month or so but the way if was when i was playing was when you changed maps your walkers were logged out to the lobby and anything else on that map was saved. So when you changed back and forth between maps all you stuff will still remain in the map when you log back on except for your walker will be in the lobby. All buildings etc will remain on the map as long as you don't delete them. They might have changed the way walkers logged off since them but i believe everything else is the same. Just remember when you switch maps all quality of resources will reset back to zero.

    Yeah, that is what i had noticed as well... ted68wert, you had mentioned you dont have to shutdown a server to have the other one up as well. How is that? whenever i start up my Iron Map, it deactivates my regular hard mode map.

    I'm talking about the nitrado server. Changing map tiles on last oasis interface has nothing to do with the nitrado server, it stays running. Changing map tiles resets the data on last oasis end back to last save and that's why quality resources reset back to zero.

    Servers crash at times and could cause quality to reset. Also when there is any updates or any time your server restarts it resets the quality. When you change map tile on last oasis web interface it also resets the quality. Some people have reported on there server for some reason if your not in the area of resources they wont start to go up in quality till they render in and others said if someone wasn't log into the map the resources would stop going up in quality. I don't think it's suppose to be that way as i never had that problem on my server.

    Quality of resources that you gather also depends on the tier and quality level of the tools you are using. Also it's my understand that resources quality goes up to 250 but you only can collect up to 100. So if you got a tier 5 tool but the quality is for instance 50 to get quality 100 the resource quality would need to be like 150. So your talking like 25+ hours. I was also told as the quality gets higher like the post above the quality takes more like 15 minutes to go +1, so that could mean more like 30+ hours.

    If you do some reading and look you would see nitrado has nothing to do with map tiles or anything to do with the settings on last oasis web interface. That is all handle by Donkey Crew.

    so i have purchased 2 servers in the hope of being able to get clay but the only hard mode i get the choice of is the asteroid crater and there is no clay at all please help and shed some light please on how i can progress on my private servers

    Clay is on the hard map sleeping giants and sleeping giants 2.

    All you can do is summit a support ticket and wait. You may have to wait a few days, mine took 4 days for them to fix. I would hope being backup on support tickets all this time they would be working on improving there support.

    You don't have to shut down the server to change maps.

    Back to your question. I believe when you change maps or when ever you do a update, restart of server etc, it goes back to a save point which resets everything on map. I believe the data for quality resources are stored in local memory, so when map or server is changed or restarted it clears the local memory. That is just the nature of computers. I would guess storing that data in system storage takes up to much room or for some other reason causes problems or just hasn't been placed that way into the game yet. Still early phase of the game. This is just my guess and i don't know if they ever said the exact reason why.

    instead of sending in a ticket why dont you all just phone them on skype far quicker and it is a quick fix for them

    Is that 24/7 or only during certain times.

    I'm also NA east and it usually takes between 3 to 8 hours for mine.

    Mine is now just updating, Why does it take so long for some servers to updates. Its like first get server wont work takes days to get response and fixed. half the updates for me took up to 8 hours and then server wont start then takes several day for them to fix. My server been offline most of the time i'm able to play. Every update happen when the only time i have to play. I don't understand how they can charge for 30 day service and half of that time it's down.

    Thanks for the info. I'm now getting quality 93 with level 47 nibiran battle axe. The quality is still going up. Tile been active for like 27, 28 hours. I didn't think i would take that long before i hit the max quality.

    I know the tool makes a difference and i know i heard it's 10 minutes to go up 1 point. That would mean 16.6 hours to go from quality 1 to 100. My tile i been on, was running about 23 hours and i was getting 78 bone spliters and i waited 30 to 40 minutes and it went up to quality 82. So even almost 24 hours later it's still not up to full quality. What the max quality, I though it was 100 or is it higher? It seems like my server is taking longer to get up to full quality.