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    So I purchased my second server yesterday from here and ever since I purchased the use of it, it does not work. It was stuck in a restart loop all last night. I forced stopped and force restarted it multiple times. I've redownloaded the game on it twice so far with no success. All I want to do is be able to connect it to my other server on ragnarok and play on extinction with my friends. I've already sent in a ticket and received no reply what so ever so far.

    What else can I do to play because I don't believe it's exactly cool to buy something that's broken out of the box?

    Wow this is actually pretty terrifying. If you're paying that much for a server, you should receive a response in at least a day. I also had to send in a ticket for my restart loop on a new server I just purchased. I haven't used their phone service yet myself but it sounds to me like it might not help me either. I wish you the best.

    Hey, so I just bought a nitrado xbox one server and I had a few questions that I couldn't find quality and direct answers to.

    1. How do I add mods to my xbox game server? I'd like to add some things like S+.

    2. Where is the setting to change whether or not people can build on/near obelisks and caves? Can't find anything other than allow players to build in caves (PVE). Where is the PVP version of this because the PVE one is toggled on.