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    I'm struggling to get Gigas to spawn on my Center server.

    We have tried wild dino wipes and also killing all surrounding creatures on Monster Island and the Northern Snow mountain. No luck not even one.

    Now I've added a new spawner config line but still we see none?


    The code isn't giving me any errors, but nor is it giving me any Gigas lol.

    Has anyone else got them to work?

    Does anyone know if Nitrado offer multiple server packages?

    I currently have 3 servers each with over 100 days on and 50 slots each. I was considering adding another for Crystal Isles, but don't think it will be on Xbox for a few more months, so would like to add Island map.

    Do they offer discounts for multiple servers or do I have to rent them all individually?

    Alternativley can they offer sponsorships?

    I get this on Xbox too - I think it depends on the map/area and how quick it renders in. It's as if it caches from the first ttempt so normally the second attempt is quicker.

    If I crash and get kicked I have to quit the game fully for it to allow me back in. I also see quite a few people getting similar issues coming in too as I see them log in and then immediatley drop out and try to come back in again.

    It's frustrating, but manageable - however why doesn't it do it on PS4?

    Have you tried lowering the graphics quality settings from 3 to 2 - that helped me but still get it sometimes.

    I think you can disable the engram by adding this to your Game.ini, just trying it now


    Bit of a big oversight to leave it in the game as it doesn't even show who has killed tames this way either all from only 1 Improvised Explosive Device

    Yes, I made the mistake when I first setup - I only had £45 sat in the PC account - I raised a ticket recently and they said they would transfer it, but as mine had been over 28 days or something was too late.

    It sucks you have to use the Nitrado Xbox App as they take a cut of the money too!

    Not Nitrados fault though, just MS being greedy.

    A player on my server messaged me to tell me of a strange glitch he found whereby he could get infinite C4 - He was placing them as 'unconnected' just tossed on the fllor nearby to a structure, and then picking it up.

    When it detonates it gives some damage to the player but also damages where the c4 was originally placed. And doesn't come out of inventory. - Is there a way to prevent this or force C4 to have to be connected?

    I once had a guy helping admin for me who spawned in an oil vein - it appeared in the air, so he spawn more!!

    Needless to say by the time I'd found them I couldn't restore a backup as it would have disrupted my communities progress. In the end we had to wait for a wipe to clear them.

    Someone could have left something on breeding. If you also have high mating someone could have set some dinos to breed and for all you know is there is a bunch of unclaimed babies wandering around.

    Also another thing to check would be you harvest multiplier - if you have it high everytime someone harvests something it will lag the server ans the harvest count ticks up.

    Nitrado recommend most settings are kept below 50x

    Are you sure you have the correct filters applied in the bottom left of the servers search page on Ark?

    Make sure you filter to show only Unofficial PC Sessions

    Also some words are filtered by Xbox and WildCard e.g. my server used to be called CoronaVirus Lockdown - however they censored Corona so the search always came back blank - we had to search 'rona'

    This was the main reason I renamed our cluster to something more original that wasn't censored or likely to be.

    Hope this helps -

    I think thy need to implement the options for disabling Lightshafts and Bloom which the update introduced

    Ark Survival Evolved Update Patch Notes – May 20th, 2020
    PS4 Version: 547.17 / 547.32 Xbox One Version: 798.17 / 798.32
    Added option to disable light shafts and bloom

    Fixed an issued that caused bionic dino skins to disappear

    Fixed an exploit which would cause players to become invisible

    Fixed multiple level issues including holes, floating foliage, areas where they could get stuck, and missing volumes Lava Lizard can now be spayed or neutered

    Fixed some missing icon related to holiday emotes

    Come and join the FORMIDABLE FORESTS (VAL/RAG Cluster)

    We are a growing community of Xbox and Windows 10 players.

    GENERAL SETTINGS - Max level Character - 105
    Max Level Wild Dino - 150
    Harvest - x10
    Taming - x50
    XP - x10
    Tribe Limit - 8
    Cave Damage - x3
    Turret Dino Damage - x3

    We have a Discord - Discord

    We operate ORP from Sunday 1pm to Friday 1pm - allowing raids for 48 hours over the weekend (UK time)

    We have weekly events such as - Monkey Monday, Treasure Hunt, Battle Zone PvP and a Racetrack

    I've logged on this morning and noticed that on my Valguero server I now have a bunch of extra options in Expert settings - They appear after line 37 and before Scalability Options (ignore the numbering on here I just cut the known options out)

    Any ideas what they are for and how they got there as they don't appear on my Ragnarok server?

    Troodons are tricky as depending on the sacrificed tame the quicker they can be tamed. What are they taming them with?

    E.g. a 150 Troodon would take 2 level 150 Rexes or about 100 Dodos (On official settings)

    I would tell them to use larger tames and make sure they tranq them out so they don't kill the Troodons as it won't work if they are on passive.

    AFAIK you can't get the X-dinos to spawn automatilcally only via Admin Commands manually.

    This is the code I use for Ferox in Red Woods though -

    ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="DinoSpawnEntriesRedwoods_C",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="New Spawn Set",EntryWeight=0.3,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("Shapeshifter_Small_Character_BP_C"),NPCDifficultyLevelRanges=((EnemyLevelsMin=(10),EnemyLevelsMax=(30.999999),GameDifficulties=(0))),NPCsToSpawnPercentageChance=(1))))

    Global Imprint settings are really tricky to adjust as they affect all tameable dinos. If you make a Dodo 100% single imprint you may not be able to achieve 100% on a Giga for example.

    In expert settings check your BabyMatureSpeed and BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier - these both need to be calculated against each other.

    To find the correct BCIM take your 1 and divide it by your BMS.

    e.g. if BMS=50 then BCIM needs to be (1/50) = 0.02