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    I need to access the launch parameters in order to use a command which is -profiles= to redirect to my created "profile folder" so that I can load the scripts required to use @COT properly and to start a command chain through @CF and @COT these are simply admin commands that I can use in game but I cant get launch parameters without your guy's help Thank You

    try to put the -profiles… command into servers webinterface at the end, where mods are called.

    otherwise putting mods "profile" folders into servers config folder should also work.

    subscribe mods in steam workshop via original DayZ launcher.

    Create local mod on your PC for every mentioned mod.

    Use FTP to upload these folders to gameserver dir (@Buildanywhere etc.).

    put the keys of these mods in servers keys folder.

    Weapon redux is special, you have to edit the servers types.xml file for having the weapons and ammo in loottable.

    types.xml is located somewhere in subfolder db in mpmission.

    Call these mods in webinterface, be aware the names of the @ mods and the entry in webinterface must match (case sensitive).

    Start server, load mods in launcher to join, this should work.

    Sorry for my bad english, I am german typing on a mobile 😉

    remote desktop access isn`t possible, use FileZilla e.g. to get access via ftp.

    push mods on servers root dir, push mods keys to servers key folder.

    download e.g. types.xml, do edits and reload if needed by mods.

    use webinterface to add additional mods launch .



    nitrados profiles folder is /dayzstandalone/config