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    Don’t copy the addon folder, just copy the whole @ZomBerry Admin Tool folder to servers root, delete the blanks in name (blanks can cause issues not loading mods correctly for some hosters) , copy key to keys folder.

    Inside ZomBerryAdminTools folder go to Config folder and edit admins.cfg file: delete SteamID64 inside (it’s the authors ID) and put in your SteamID64, save file.

    Rename Config folder to ZomBerry (case sensitive!) and put renamed folder in config folder on server.

    Add @CF Mod and @ZomBerryAdminTools at the beginning in additional modifications in webinterface as following example:


    (if you load more mods just add them after last mod by inserting ;@ANOTHERMod1;@ANOTHERMod2;.............)

    Save and restart server to activate.

    please take a look to my tutorial (sorry, german language but maybe google can translate)

    [TUTORIAL] ZomBerry Admin Tools Installation NITRADO

    we can share screen in Discord to assist you doing these steps if you like, just send me a pm

    It’s an unwanted‚„feature“ of current state of DayZ, there is nothing you can really do to prevent cars from disappearing.

    Some player change gear to zero when parking, others suggest to not disassemble any wheel when parking and more.

    So the formula should be (for example with two server restarts, daytime multiplier of 2, nighttime multiplier of 11)

    (Real-time Minutes per day) / (how many server-restarts) / (daytime multiplier) / (nighttime multiplier) = (how many minutes of night)

    (24x60) / 2 / 2 / 11 = 32.727272

    An example of the math with 4 server restarts, daytime multiplier of 4, nighttime multiplier of 20

    (24x60) / 4 / 4 / 20 = 4.5 Minutes

    Sure, as long as Nitrado doesn’t allow to integrate the needed .exe from DZSALAUNCHER there will never shown any mods and foreign players will not be able to join without knowing the exact mods running on the server.

    I asked the support many times to integrate the DZSA tool and explained the problem without success yet.

    Best thing all customers can do is to write to support many times to force them to get that fixed.

    Not much help from google or searching here on the Forums“

    Look at the german Nitrado forums, lot of help there.

    Maybe use Google translate

    Nitrado servers allow mods.

    You have to subscribe mods in Steam Workshop, save them as local mod on your computer, upload local mod to server, upload key to server, call them in Nitrado webinterface base settings additional mods .


    You have to load the mods as client as well.

    base settings additional mods :

    @CF;@Fast Travel

    Better rename mod folders and additional mod settings without blanks.

    Make sure names are equal!

    Case sensitive!

    No problem to rename @mod folders, does work

    Tell us the multipliers you chose.

    Did you measure the time a day/night lasts?

    Every unexpected server restart resets the cycle (server crash, manual restart)

    The guide from DayzTV is missing the nighttimeaccleration settings.

    Did you use my suggested multipliers? d=5 and n=4 (nighttime value 20)

    Did you measure times of daylight/ darkness?

    Good question, but I don’t know the exact answer.

    As I wrote, it’s a little bit of try and error.

    I had to watch a clock when searching for the value of nighttimeaccleration on my server.

    I think it’s all based on internal program code of BI, at which time dusk, night and dawn is handled.

    Custom date is influecing the start of dusk and dawn , shorter nights in summer, longer nights in winter.

    So you can vary the length of night by adjusting the date a little bit.

    Persistent time should be off.

    You have to get a value of ~ 20 for a 30minute night.

    This value is based on my experience and not calculated.

    Calculation of multiplier to get a value of ~20 as followed (nighttimeaccleration is influenced by timeaccleration too! Read comments in the line)

    nighttimeaccleration = yourmultipler multiplied with timeaccleration

    20 = 5x4

    In your case I suggest a timeaccleration multiplier of 5 and a nighttimeaccleration of 4

    Maybe you have to vary the fixed date to get best results.

    It’s a little bit of try and error

    Hope this works

    Short example for cycle running on my server:

    systemtime replaced by fix date, e.g. 2019/05/16/06/30

    2 restarts (e.g. 03 am and 03 pm) , so we have 12 hours periods

    timeaccleration set to 2 (daytime 2 times faster)

    nighttimeaccleration set to 10 (nighttime 20 times faster read description! 10x2=20)

    Server starts at 6:30 ingame time having one night time lasting approximately 30 minutes of darkness, then new restart and new cycle.

    For more restarts you have to do some math.

    Sorry for my poor english, not my native language.

    that will become difficult, I don‘t speak spanish 😔

    last chance would be to trust me.

    there is an option to give rights for server editing to another member of Nitrado for limited access.

    ask support about this feature or read informations about rights administration at Nitrado website.

    You can give limited access to other member, the one would be able to edit server.

    this person has no access to your account!

    there is a mod called ZomBerry Admin Tools which requires an additional mod called Community Framework (CF)

    there is a german tutorial of the installation, maybe google is able to translate

    you can meet me in teamspeak of German DayZ Forums in a minute for help if you like (sorry for my poor english 😉)

    channel Alpha username jaeger90patriot

    German client here so the descriptions can vary

    Open DayZ via steam, run launcher.

    There you can subscribe mods by clicking +workshop.

    Return to launcher you see subscribed mod, click on > on the right side, then Click on ... (more), then click on „copy as local mod“ , then choose folder on your PC for destination of copy.

    There you are, a local mod is made on your Computer in chosen directory.

    Upload this mod to your server.

    Unfortunately there is no option to let a simple game server do the mod download directly.

    Therefore you need to rent a vserver and run CFTools, this will do server installations automatically.

    Best tool ever

    only support is able to include and start the needed dzsalauncher exe.

    maybe they help you implementing this.

    another way to upload mods to your server is by creating local mod of the subscribed ones via original steam dayz sa launcher, no need to check ids then