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    I made a tutorial about ZomBerry Admin Tools in english, the steps to put on server are nearly the same and I mentioned the config folder („profiles folder“) there.

    Sometimes some more reading can be very helpful

    (I do since 2012 and never stopped yet)

    CFTools Omega Manager can do this nearly perfect, but some config files have to be edited by server owners themselves.

    You need a root Server to run this program, doesn’t work on gameservers because you don’t have access to the machines root directory.

    Did you put anything into the addon folder of server?

    This folder must stay untouched!

    Servers Dayz version must match to your Dayz version on your local machine.

    Verify Steam files and all mods.

    Be sure to have the last actual versions of all mods on your server. Be sure to have all mod keys on server.

    You have to add the mod items to your servers types.xml to spawn them as loot.

    Of course you can spawn them as admin once the mod is active without editing the types.

    It‘s not too difficult to google for answers to your questions

    In case of the yesterday’s update there is no change in the version number, same happened in the last update.

    This is a again a mistake of Bohemia.

    Only change was in the file DayzServer_x64.exe, but because of no higher version number we were able to connect without updating server files and this time it’s no big deal to not update.

    In general Nitrado servers getting the updated automatically, maybe a little bit delayed.

    You can do updates manually by yourself or wait for Nitrado doing the updates.

    Be aware that the files you edited before (e.g. types.xml, init.c ..) don’t get updated automatically, you have to do that yourself .

    If it‘s PS4 you have to be patient and wait for Bohemia fixing the performance.

    On PC I personally don’t have the described issues.

    RAM isn’t causing this problem, Dayz server usually uses about 4 GB RAM .

    It’s all about CPU core power, the higher the smoother.

    Inside folder @Trader/ServerProfileFolder there is a folder named Trader including five text files (TraderConfig.txt, TraderObjects.txt...).

    You have to upload this complete folder Trader to servers folder ..../Config (there is also a folder users in it and maybe a couple of log files).

    I will take a look at the mod, it was updated a couple of days ago , maybe the Trader folder is missing.

    Can confirm: mod folders are correct!

    You need Mod Trader from Dr. Jones.

    This is the basic mod, all others are only substitute files for the locations.

    Traders are supposed to be at Green Mountain and Kumyrna.

    If they are not there you didn’t load the correct mod or didn’t load the mod in webinterface or made a mistake.

    Did you upload the folder trader with 4 txt files to the folder Config on server?

    ZombieMaxCount defines the maximum ammount of Zombies spawning on the server in general, this influences the zombie spawns only by cutting the maximum.

    There is no ZombieMaxCount in serverDZ.cfg

    For relaxed Zombie experience I suggest the mod NoSprintingZombies (only jogging, can be easily killed) or the mod JoggingDeadZombies (only jogging, headshots needed for easy kill).

    You can tweak the amount of zombies in file zombie_territories.xml , static zombies spawn even if no player is around and influences server performance more than dynamic zombies (start spawning when a player is near).

    You can take a look at this link, works very well

    You can now easily customize your server's AI spawns in the DayZServer Missions folder. With that, I am releasing my completely revamped zombie spawn config to the DayZ community. - General Discussion - DayZ Forums

    -Stop server

    -Use e.g. filezilla to download the file serverDZ.cfg to your server.

    -Edit the downloaded file with notepad++

    4 SETTINGS = 4 LINES ! the comments are very long !

    If the line serverNightTimeAcceleration=10; is missing just add it below serverTimeAcceleration=2;

    -Of course you can change values, in my example the nighttime lasts approx. 30 minutes.

    -Upload file

    -Start server

    (Maybe there is an option in Nitrados webinterface in expert mode/settings, I don't run a nitrado server at the moment, so I can't confirm. I never used expert mode since 2012, all done with filezilla and notepad++)