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    Sorry that you are having issues. Typically it clears with a force reboot. But as I can see, many are reporting an issue.

    Please contact Nitrado Support to further investigate. Include log errors if they may help.

    Seeing as how this has now been reported 13 days ago, and Nitrado has officially known about about announced that they are working on this last week, can you contact them and see what sort of progress/status update there is? Also what sort of compensation do they plan to issue to the customers for the lost time since the services are inaccessible due to reasons beyond our control?

    didnt under stand

    do u mean that there is no option to allow cracked to join the server

    If by cracked you mean someone using a launcher who has not legally paid for the game, then as the moderator stated, no that is not allowed. That is a violation of multiple laws and EULAs. I would suggest you do not ask or talk about illegal activities any further.