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    Hey guys,

    I Tried to find answers to my questions in other threads but some of the info seemed to be contradictory so I will start a new thread (sorry about that) to get some clarity.

    I am looking to buy a server for a pretty large community (thousands of people) - yet we have no idea how many will get into gaming. This is why I am wondering how the flexiblity is with slots? I can imagine that we will start as a small group (let's say 10-20 players) and once our gaming catches on in the community numbers could rise up to 50-100. Now renting a server for 100 and having 10 people pay for it is an expensive gamble, so I am wondering how the flexiblity is on upgrading the slots?

    If we start with 20 will it be possible to upgrade the slots on the go? Ideally I'd like to rent a 365 day server (to get max discount) with 20 slots and upgrade the slots when the game catches on. The flexiblity is important here. Once people will want to join in I have to be able to upscale. Otherwise the momentum is lost.

    tl;dr: Here are my questions:

    • Can slots be upgraded within a current rental (let's say 15 days in a 365 days rental)?
    • Does this upgrade start a new rent cycle?
      • If so - what happens to the old one?
      • If not - how does the pricing work? (for example I have 300 days left on a 365 day contract and double the slots - am I paying the increase according to 300 or 365 days?)
    • Any general advice on how to approach this?

    Looking forward to your replies. Many thanks already.