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    4 of my 8 xbox servers are having the same issue since yesterday's maintenance. I have an open ticket with support and there is a notice from Nitrado displayed in the web interface that states they are aware of the issue and working on it. I get that issues arise, but the professional thing to do would be to extend our runtime or "stop the clock" when our servers are down due their error. Highly doubt that will happen.

    Has anyone in the past or currently having an issue with the Nitrado web interface not showing the tab for the ShooterGame.log. I have one server that about a week ago stopped showing this tab. I can only access the ShooterGame_Last.log which means I have to reboot the server to see current activity or copy the file over from my mobile app. I have an open ticket with Nitrado but they have gone from originally telling me that I needed to enable the Gameplay log to see current activity (which has never been on) to now telling me that current logs are only updated by a sync which requires a reboot. Since all my other servers are working, this is clearly not accurate. I'm hoping someone here can help since it is my main server which is impacted.

    Modify the web/app interface to a drop down selection list for log file to view/download vs current & last log tabs. Current view can cause admins to loose access to critical log files if server crashes or updates are pushed before the "last log" is downloaded or viewed. On console there is no way to retrieve this data since rcon is blocked.

    Same problem. I have 9 servers on my cluster and the MOTD was working fine. No changes to config and now it is not displaying on any of them causing major issues with new players not able to see my discord link.