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    Excellent advice CB. I stumbled upon the Therizon yesterday - a week after he disappeared. While flying through an area a good distance away from either base, I noticed hit markers showing something of mine taking damage. No way he should have been anywhere near where I found him.

    I'll keep your advice in mind the next time I'm missing a dino.

    Are binoculars only available on Genesis - even if you try to admin spawn them? I'm on Crystal Isles and have tried to spawn them in without success. I've used the GFI from dododex and other variants, all without success.

    I have had this occasionally. Sometimes I also can't mount a tame. When this happens I do one of two things, both which seem to work.

    1) Do as Doagen says: Reboot

    2) I use a bed to transfer to another bed, then back again. That often works too.

    Happens all the time to me and Myrm's #2 suggestion works well. I set up two beds in one room and transfer from one to the other, then pick up the bag of gear I dropped. All my bases have 2 tek sleeping pods for this reason...

    I lost a Therizon when teleporting from one base to another on Crystal Isles - poof, gone. Looked all over, went back to source teleport, returned - nothing. It's been a day now and still gone and not listed as dead in logs.

    Not a big deal - I can hunt down another high level and start the breeding process over to imprint. Just curious if this has happened to anybody else and/or any ideas. I'm now hesitant to teleport any of my more critical dinos.

    There is a game.ini setting to unlock all engrams

    Set bAutoUnlockAllEngrams=false to bAutoUnlockAllEngrams=true

    Is there a way to wipe structures, excess dinos and your 'history' on a specific map without affecting your current character and map?

    I've played on all maps, some multiple times. When I return to a map, my structures and dinos I left before departing are sitting there as I left them. I'd like to do a "map wipe" so I can start fresh but do not want to affect my player.

    You don't need to rent a second server if you simply want to 'move' to another server.

    You upload your dinos, items and (last) yourself to an obelisk and back out of the game. Go into the Nitrado settings and change the map in the general settings. Go back into the game (make sure you switch map in the game so you can see your server), download your character and choose a spawn point. Go to an obelisk and download your dinos and items.

    This is my first time renting a server i would like to be able to move my stuff from the island to ragnarok i have enabled crossark are there some simple directions for a noob like me to follow to do this? Do I need to rent another sever?

    You can password protect your ark server as long as it is a single map (not cross ark). There is Nitrado help - do a web search - but it basically states:

    To password protect an ARK: Survival Evolved server, the following steps are necessary:

    • Open the Gameserver's Webinterface
    • Navigate to the "Settings" section
    • Enter a desired password in the field labeled "Server Password"

    ARK settings gamepassword.png

    • Save the performed settings
    • Restart the Gameserver

    The server now starts protected by the defined password. You are still able to connect to your server, but you'd need to enter a password now.

    Has anyone successfully modified the game.ini to increase the Tropeo spawn rate. I've done it before with success for other dinos, such as the Quetz, but haven't notice any success on The Island.

    I'm using this line in the Game.ini:


    My kids and I began on the Island in February and have been playing a new map every month or so. So far we have played (in this order) the Island, Ragnarok, Extinction, Aberration, SE and we are now on the Center. Before hopping into the Center last weekend we went back to the Island to defeat the Tek Cave, only to find that our buildings were all still there - from March! The dinos were dead but everything else held.

    I had thought the saves wouldn't last or the buildings would degrade. Any idea how long they last? These were stone structures for the most part, if that matters. Also, we use the routine Obelisk/Transmitter transport out/in, if that matters as well.

    I'm on Xbox on have used Beacon extensively. Updates have failed a couple times in the past, resulting in my server showing as running in Nitrado but not showing up in the server list. Some advice I can lend:

    1: ALWAYS download and backup your ini files to your computer prior to making the changes

    2. Stop the server - wait at least a few minutes

    3. Start a 'New' file in Beacon. Have Beacon download all of the ini files fresh - do not open an existing file (the couple times I had problems I had edited an open file from a previous Beacon change. I have not had any problems when starting anew and fresh)

    4. Make your changes - again, make sure the server has been down for at least 3 - 5 minutes. Save your changes

    5. Restart the server

    Alternative to having Beacon apply the changes automatically, you can open the Game.ini in the editor, select all (CTRL-A in Windows), copy (CTRL-C in Windows) and paste (CTRL-V in Windows) into the server game.ini. As previously stated, make sure there are no duplicates as they will cancel each other out. I CTRL-A / CTRL-V into the server game.ini to be sure I overwrite all...

    Good Luck..

    Thanks for the quick responses. I don't think it is a risk I am willing to take. My kids and I prefer to not have someone pop in and destroy everything. I suppose the only other option would be to see if there is a way to not have the server on the global list - someone would have to know the name in order to find it - kind of like hiding the SSID. Is that possible on XBox? I thought I had ran across that setting somewhere.

    Again, thanks for the quick, informative responses.

    It only gives me a Ban List option for people currently playing (online checkbox checked) and does not give me a White List option with the online button checked or unchecked. Is there a way to ban everyone by default and give access only to people white listed?

    Can I do that proactively in the form of white listing people that can connect in advance or do I have to boot people after they try to join? This server is planned to be for a very limited amount or friends and family that I know of in advance.

    I am interested in adding another server and creating an Ark cluster. I saw in the FAQ that passwords have to be disabled. How do you control / limit access to your clustered servers? I do not want public access...