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    No matter what I put in to Additional Settings per server or for all of them. It won't let me shut off decay, I can shut off PvP fine. Restarting doesn't help.

    Putting in StructureDailyMaintenanceFactor=0. doesn't do anything..

    When I trying to place some tiles I always get a error no matter I place them. Ancient City and Asteroid, before this update could place them as regular maps on private servers.

    I'm hosting 5 servers to have 5 tiles. How can you tell what server is running what tile. Since 4 are running tiles, but it says all 5 servers are running. The Web Interface shows the IP addresses. But the Dashboard on just has numbers for each server, which don't match the IP numbers. So I have no clue which one I may need to restart, the server I hit deactivate so I could move it's hex placement.

    I eventually hit sign out on that page. Then opened that page again reconnected it to steam. Once the page came Tech Support Chat pointed me to the Server key had a new code, copied that and pasted it in to the Web Interface. Then my server came back. Now I have the problem it lets me put down multiple tile maps but they stay off line, with only one active and playable

    My admin page for my private server keeps saying server is running but the admin web says no server running. I have shut down and restarted several times. With no luck.

    Is there anyway on the OL server to back to default? My brother made a character OL crashed came back and a character was alreadly made not how he wanted it. Now question is there a way server side to delete characters? Or redo the server back to no characters?

    I waited then it started, I did stop it and restarted a couple times while waiting. Once it stops restarting on myrealms you set what map type and other modifiers

    After checking my server everyday for a month, this morning it said installing. Had another host one on pre-order a month before that, but they took down pre-orders. Got the key from the web interface, put it in so it linked to my steam. After that I don't see anything, don't see anywhere on Nitrado or myreal to set up the server, to put a password or name, type of map. I turn the server off maybe it can't show while running. Nothing, now it says restarting for the past 20 minutes

    How do you cancel a pre-order server? Last Oasis I wanted a server for my siblings and I. But now it seems it would a private server means one hex map. Which I don't want to be surrounded by PVP free for all servers, being trapped in one hex.