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    In the web interface, it's in the menu on the left, Setttings/ General, scroll down a bit to Active Event, and change to "current official event", then restart your server. But keep in mind, event dinos will only spawn occasionally to replace normal wild creatures that have died. If you don't want to wait for them to spawn, load into the game, open the in-game console, enter "enablecheats <password>" (putting in the admin password you set ), then "admincheat DestroyWildDinos". That should make all the wild creatures go poof, and as new ones spawn to replace them, a certain percentage will be the "eerie" ones.

    By the way, the same settings as the web interface are also in the Nitrado mobile app, you just have to drill into it a bit.

    Same here. I did run through the new Support Assistant, and it said they are aware of issues stopping and restarting servers, and are working on a fix.

    Doesn't make it any more fun being unable to play, though. :(

    There seems to be an issue with recent patches where structures from any mod (P+, S+, etc.) cannot be placed in the world, only vanilla Ark structures can be placed. Wildcard is aware of it. Word is that having both client AND server on their latest patches may fix it, but Nitrado doesn't seem to have pushed server 304.44 yet.