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    Thank you for the reply, Rondeau. Clarification much appreciated. I will continue to look at options and figure out what I'm going to do. Thanks again.

    ^^ Hi all,

    I'm looking to start up another ARK:SE server onPS4 for myself and a few friends and I have some questions. This time, however, I'll be running a cluster for us. I've only ever run single-map servers so this cluster thing is a new world for me. My questions are as follows:

    :?:1) How many slots do I need to purchase to make sure I have adequate computing resource for 10 people on six different maps? At least 60?

    :?:2) Does purchasing more slots make it so my server has more available resources (CPU/RAM)?

    :?:3) Can I purchase more slots but limit the slots on the server? (eg. buying 100 slots but only allowing 10 player slots per server)

    :?:4) Can I pay extra to ensure that I have a specific amount of computing resources available to my server?

    :?:5) In regard to question 3: How is the allocation of computing resources for a given server/cluster decided?

    I might have more questions as I get further into the development of the server but for now, this is it.

    Any answers are greatly appreciated. Tyia