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    I rented a ECO server around 14 days ago. I used an existing world i had just started playing on with friends. This was working great until recently. Two days ago on the 14th or 13th the server suddenly became unreachable. Any in game connection would timeout consistently. Any attempt to access the website on port 4001 would also fail with a timeout.

    I checked at first if the server is actually reachable and indeed if i use a ping command inside a console i get a response. So the machine is up and running. From the dashboard i see the server is running fine with around 500mb RAM usage. CPU usage is at zero with spikes here and there.

    I tried restarting the server but that did not solve the issue. Interestingly when i shutdown the server a message appeared in the log:

    1. [22:39:24.070] [26] [ Info] [Eco] No UPnP device with public ip was found.

    I use the default configuration that Nitrado provides. This is the content:

    I tried setting UPnPEnabled to false. But i still could not connect to the server. The error went away however. The complete startup log is attached.

    Any pointers to help debug and solve this problem?