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    yes you can add a password to your server to make it private. Clusters work by creating a cluster Id that's shared between two server. The only thing is of you're looking to cluster servers they cannot be password protected.

    They are fully customizable yes. The only thing being if you're on xbox you cannot add mods to the server. These mods only work for PC. You can however make changes to what's called your ini file. Like having dinos spawn in your server that would generally not be on your map or change it so all engrams auto unlock.

    Alright thanks for taking the time to help that covers what i need to know for now.


    The lowest amount you can purchase is the 10 slot server.

    Alright well that stinks i thought i would ask anyways just incase there was another alternative these servers through the app are fully customizable to my likings right? like making it private ? also how do clusters work

    Alright so i'm looking to host my own server (preferably a private one) for primarily just myself and possibly another buddy or 2 and i wanted to ask a question in regards to the slots/days.

    Is there any other way of purchasing a server with less slots instead of the set ones? because i have no intentions of inviting 10 people to join the server.