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    Hello, so i had come up with this new idea of Minecraft and I had thought about it after the release of 1.14. So what I have thought of is having a completely new biome in Nether. Changing up Nether with new mobs like Serpeants, magma/lava mobs just something that makes it interesting.

    The new biom needs a new entrance. Imagine having to find like a huge hole or something to just jump Into or needing some sort of key. And when you have jumped you teleport Into The new biom. Very dark and full of new creatures and a new boss that awaits you. That one could be an fire serpant or something along that.

    The location of this new area is unknown, somewhere maybe under Nether, which doesnt make sense but its Minecraft. Somewhere dark, and the coordinates are unknown until you get out of there. The boss should include some tactics for defeating and none like the Ender Dragon. Spitting lava at you, sending out wave troops of enemies and such. When he dies you get another hole to jump through and that lets you out from that biom. Also having a biom out in the normal world that would have some type of frost world, but that already kinda exists. Though having a special way to it. More information on that if this is really gonna be a thing.

    The new items could be fire, ice and so on enchancements for your weapon for example. You can put fire on your sword for special effects and abilities. These can drop from chests but very rarerly and you get one automatic from the boss. It can be either fire, ice, wind. One of those.

    I could write more but this is kind of the start of an update that i would like. Would call it maybe " The Nether and Frost" update