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    Hi, i find an answerd to my question on the old forum french but it's not "clear".

    The answerd was saying : go to panel then hystory.

    I look, i look, ... the only thing is the log file page but it's empty.

    And i checked the forum first with hystory tag but any thread !

    ty for the help !

    Hey, so i try to slow down the timer between respawn in cave ( or on all the map/server if it's the only way ).

    We are fews ( 3-5 players connected on the same time max ) and soms caves are like impossible. If one dude die, like 20 min after we start the cave, he can't reach us, cause dinos respwn all the way done. Alone, almost naked, ... no way.

    So we usually try to reach him at the entrance, so after like 1h doing it, we are at the entrance, with the cave full of dinos like if we never killed any ... like if we was never been there. We never go all out of the caves, on or two players always stay inside but still... dinos respawn too fast.

    It's hard enough to fight yeti, withe bear, purlovia levels 200-300-400 when ur level 100-150... If i need to kill the dinos on the same room 3 time in less than one hour ...

    So if anyone have a tips for me, i take :)

    ( build foundation all the way and remove it when we go out could work but ... that's heavy, we can't take so many foundations with us, no way ! )

    I wondering if any of thoses solution existe, but cant find out in the wiki, on the server settup, ...

    1. Possibility to settup the respawn radius of wild dinos around players ?

    2. Possibilty to slow down respawn timer of dinos on the map or better just in caves ?

    Ty in advance to anyone taking time to read this :)