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    So we have the more kaiju mod installed on our server but there is a certain type of dino that keeps spawning in an outrageous amount of them. Is there a way to change the spawn weight multiplier for modded dinos or is this a problem with the mod?

    I figured out what the problem was it was because we did not have it set to steam players only. I had read your responses to other people about this topic. So for anyone who sees this and has the same problem you do just put the mod id in then restart but make sure you have it set to steam only if you want to play with mods.

    Me and my friends are trying to play on a workshop map but we are unable to get it to show up in the map list. I have looked through the forums and I saw someone saying that all you need to do is add it into the mods with the mod ID then restart the server and it should be in the Map list but it won't show up we also made sure that it is first on the mod list. Can anyone give me screenshots on how to do it or a video for reference?

    What We Did:

    1) Put the Mod Id in the mod list

    2)Restart Server

    3)Check for map in the map list (Not there)

    My server is on a restart loop sometimes it gives me the option to either force start or force stop the server but if i force start it continues restarting and when i stop it it stops but when i start it once again goes into a restart loop

    So when paying for a server where do you put the credit card information? After you click the Charge Now button?

    I want to get a pc ark server but the only question I have is can I change the settings of the server and mods whenever I like as long as i restart the server after I have made those changes?