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    In order to make settings changes, the server must be offline for at least 5min. Make your change, save then restart.

    Unless you are using the WebUI to the server (default settings). Then you would only click save then restart.

    I had the cryostasis off ever since I had gotten the server and the setting seems to not change. Admin logging I have done recently and saved restarted and the issue still persists. I have been using the WebUI for the changes.

    So I have been having issues with the server ever since I got it. The server would not allow me to edit the name for a bit until the day after. The server also does not want to update the settings that I have put on the server. Example being admin logging. I would check the box but every time I would go back to the server it would state that admin logging is not enabled this also seems to be the issue with cryostasis. I have checked if i did something wrong but I keep getting the same outcome. Now for the main issue. I was trying to figure out why this was happening and the server ended up creating an infinite restart loop since yesterday and I have not been able to set it back up.


    So the server ended up fixing itself but the issues with the server not adjusting the settings. I had already restarted the server many times but nothing seems to be working.